8% of registrations in July are electrified passenger cars


8% of passenger car registrations in July are electrified models corresponding to 100% electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

As the Association of Companies for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (Aedive) and the National Association of Vehicle Sellers (Ganvam) reported on Monday, registrations of electrified vehicles of all kinds (passenger cars, two -wheels, utility and industrial) increased by 10.9% in July, compared to the same month of 2021, to 7,771 units.

So far this year, they have accumulated a total of 56,844 units, or 32.7% more.

By type of propulsion, registrations of 100% electric vehicles of all kinds increased by 38.6% in July compared to the same month last year, with 4,110 units sold. So far this year, they have racked up a total of 29,091 registered units, up 48.3% from the same period in 2021.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles were down 9.5% over the past month, reaching 3,661 units, of which 9 out of 10 units were passenger cars. Thus, the data from the two entities show that the share of passenger car registrations corresponding to electrified models (pure + plug-in hybrids) amounted to 7.8% of the total in July.

Likewise, registrations of all-electric passenger cars by vehicle type closed last month with a 37.2% increase compared to July of the previous year, with a total of 2,139 units. So far this year, these models have racked up a 55.5% increase, reaching 16,827 units.

In terms of sales by model, the C4 was the most popular 100% electric car in Spain, with 165 units sold. The Dacia Spring is in second position, with 163 units, and the Kona closes the podium, having registered 126 units.

For its part, electric mopeds recorded a rise of 20.2% in the past month, reaching 405 units, although they accumulate a rise of 7.6% so far this year, with 3,235 units.

In the case of registrations of zero-emission motorcycles, they increased by 68.2% in July, with a total of 1,041 units, while so far this year they have accumulated a rise of 75%, with 6,297 units.

Electric vans were down 2.1% with 372 units registered. So far this year, they are racking up 16.4% growth, reaching 1,878 registered units through July.

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