5 stuffed animals that will win over Sonic fans

  • These Sonic plushies are official products that SEGA has launched on the market for children and adults who are the most fans of these cartoons. get your favorite now

For all those who 30 years have passed, Sonic was one of the great heroes and protagonists of his childhood. It was the 90s when the console SEGA burst onto the market with his franchise character. The Sonic The Hedgehog video game has revolutionized the electronic world thanks to its graphic quality, playability and speed. Moreover, it became the great competition for the Nintendo company, which had Mario Bross as its greatest exponent. This battle lasted for several years and, despite the fact that more than 3 decades have passed, Sonic fever is still going strong. In addition, he has returned to the top with his new adventures and that is why the SEGA company has decided to take advantage of it.

Sonic’s stuffed animals have been transformed into a real boom in sales. Thousands and thousands of fans around the world have decided to decorate their homes with these little friends who have given them so much joy. We still have that inner child who is thrilled to see what made him happy. For you to put your mind to work and remember those afternoons in front of the television jumping and defeating enemies, we present to you The 5 best-selling Sonic plushies on Amazon.

Sonic The Hedgehog Plush

1 Sonic


To say SEGA is to say Sonic. This little hedgehog made us live from best moments of our childhood. At school, they only talked about their adventures and the levels they had to pass until the end. East The 30 centimeter plush is an official product of the SEGA company. and is made of soft plush with a velvet effect. Ideal for decorating an armchair, a shelf or even your own bed.

Plush Tails Miles Power

2 tails


If you have Sonic, the next step is to get this little guy. Tails is Sonic’s best friend. and one of his first companions. This young fox joined the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 franchise and from there he became something of a younger brother to the Hedgehog. Together they had many adventures and fought to defeat the evil Eggman. This plush measures 33 centimeters and he will be perfect anywhere in the house with his big friend Sonic. It is made of a very soft material and ideal for sleeping with your girl or boy. Its materials are non-toxic so there will be no danger.

Knuckles the Echidna Plush

3 phalanges


Another official SEGA product that cannot be missing in your collection. joins is also one of most important characters of this franchise. A kind of friend-enemy of Sonic. Surely if you’ve spent hours with the controller giving the console you’ll know that many times you’ve had to fight this little animal, but other times you’ve teamed up to defeat an evil in service. The plush is 29 centimeters high and it’s very soft fabric. If you are really a fan of Sonic, this will be one of those characters that you must have on your bedside table or in your bed.

Shadow The Hedgehog Soft Toy

4 Shadow


Shadow, the black hedgehog, is the great rival of Sonic. They both look nearly identical and share most abilities. Unlike Sonic, Shadow is a cold and dark character and one of the most violent in the series. Over time, he has gained popularity among fans of the franchise and that is why his plush is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Its height is 30 centimeters and is made of a soft material and with all the details of the character.

Dr. Robotnik “Eggman” plush

5 Eggman


This evil scientist is the eternal enemy of Sonic. It’s been part of the franchise since the first electronic game and has tried to take over the world many times. Throughout the various video games, films or series, this evil character has tried to defeat Sonic without success, even though he has often shaped his destiny. Whenever Eggman has an evil plan to control everything, Sonic comes to the rescue to defeat him. His figurine is also one of the best sellers on Amazon and has a height of 30 centimeters.

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