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A new week begins and there is no better way to welcome it than by reading our news roundup. Catch up in five minutes at breakfast or by public transport to work. Welcome!

Intel surprised the End of support for your integrated GPUs in a dozen processors up to 10th generationwho are only 3 years old. They will continue to receive security patches, but not optimizations for new games.

New batch of Google Play apps containing malicious code which tries to infect your mobile. There are cryptocurrency management apps, space cleaners, virtual private networks, screensavers, barcode scanners, and even games.

We recommend our analysis of mobile phones, laptops, televisions, virtual reality glasses, and features such as the best series of the rest of the year, the rise of spotlights in front of televisions, tutorials and much more.

technology news

Google needs to make it clear on Twitter that it’s not shutting down Stadia…and that’s a bad sign. read the news

LG has found its way to success a year after exiting the mobile phone market. read the news

These Android apps are tricking you into stealing your bank money and you should remove them right now. read the news

Now even Facebook ads lead you to malware installations. read the news

Spotify already offers you playlists based on your friends’ musical tastes. read the news


Add Bluetooth to a 25 year old Nokia 5110 and a world of possibilities opens up. read the news

Is the expected Nothing Phone (1) worth it? Read our analysis and opinion

How to take screenshots in JPG instead of PNG on Mac and iPhone devices. Check out the tutorial

How to use your mobile to sleep better by generating white noise. read the tutorial

computers and tablets

If you own any of these Intel processors up to 10th Gen, support for their integrated GPUs ends. read the news

A gaming laptop that can do it all, MSI Raider GE76. Read our analysis and opinion

43 years ago, Apple Lisa was born, the personal computing revolution. read the news

Way of life

How to Create These Types of Popular Videos on TikTok. read the tutorial

How to customize your YouTube channel. read the tutorial

We thoroughly tested the Xiaomi TV F2 Fire TV 50″. Read our analysis and opinion

For space and benefits, are televisions their days numbered? read the report

How to download a video from Twitter. read the tutorial

fun and game

The Breaking Bad protagonists immortalized in two bronze statues in the city of Albuquerque. read the news

What is High-Resolution Audio? read the report

The most anticipated series from Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ that will arrive at the end of the year. read the report

7 shows that are political, even though at first glance they may not be. read the report

HP Reverb G2, analysis and opinion on one of the best mixed reality systems. read the report

Prime Gaming in August: All Ubisoft Games Free for a Week, Starcraft Remastered Forever, and Other Freebies. read the news


Android Auto loses this important app after the latest update. read the news

How to Create Custom Routes and Maps in Google Maps. read the tutorial

Guide and tips to replace your classic mirror with a smart mirror with hundreds of functions. read the report

science and culture

Commander Moonikin Campos, the model who will go to the Moon in August, is already waiting for Zohar and Helga. read the news

New drug that eliminates zombie cells could extend life to 200 years. read the news

Now you can tour space in a luxury capsule for sightseeing, though it won’t be cheap. read the news

They invent a pill that makes you drunk, but you don’t get a hangover or the negative effects of alcohol. read the news

Astronauts can’t drink alcohol in space…but they do. read the news

The curiosities of the day

This is why bus seats are so ugly. read the news

Tinder is relaunching the desktop mode feature so your bosses won’t catch you using the app at work. read the news

Scientists calculate the probability that a person will die from space junk falling on their head… and it’s quite high. read the news

Tesla is set to launch customer photos into space on this new mission. read the news

It was the summary of today’s tech news. Have a nice day!

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