1×1 of Athletic against Mirandés

This is how we saw the lions in the friendly match against Mirandés. Those of Valverde, with a completely renewed eleven compared to Newcastle, clearly won. A goal from Nolaskoain before the break and two from Villalibre afterwards sealed the win for Bilbao.

PADILL unnoticed

The young goalkeeper of the Bilbao team hardly had to intervene. He was seen calm under sticks and determined. He was well dressed.

ACAP Decided

He was able to close his group without major problems, he controlled himself when it came to separating in attack and gave Villalibre a goal assist. He completed the 90 minutes.


The rojiblanco central defender returned to Anduva, but this time with the Athletic shirt. He delivered from start to finish. He didn’t beat around the bush when it came to putting his leg up despite being friendly.

PARADES Position

Good game also playing as a central defender on the left. He kept the type on a defensive level and life was hardly complicated. He got along well with Vivian.


He had to play the role of left side given the presence of Capa on the right. He didn’t cut himself when it came to breaking up the band, although he made some big mistakes. He was substituted at game time.

Black pudding Ready

This time, he had to practice as an interior on the right. He was very participatory and did not stop at the penalty shootout. The center of the first rojiblanco goal came out of his boots.


He practiced in midfield with the captain’s armband. Better at the time of confinement than creation. He was replaced by Zarraga at the time of the match.


Good match for the Zumaia footballer. He was at a good level both at the double pivot and at the center during the final stretch of the match. He scored a house brand goal from a corner. He looked calm and confident.


He worked as a left-handed indoor player and left pieces of high quality and skill, although he did not know how to finish them at the time of the auction. He only participated in the first half. He created danger for his gang.


Good game from San Sebastian. In the first half, he played a bigger role when it came to the auction and after the break he went a little more unnoticed, although he also left details.

VILLALIBRE bigoleador

That of Gernika saw the goal twice, although before he forgave a clear one-on-one against the home goal. In the first goal he only had to push the ball after a good assist from Capa and in the second he finished with power and precision with his left foot.

ADU ARES Incisive

He practiced near the right wing after the break and left some details behind. He lacked confidence in some sets and had a lot of ball in others. Create a hazard.

NICO SERRANO unnoticed

He showed his quality in isolated details, but he had no continuity in his game. He also had no finishing options.


His outing on the pitch at depth on the left wing was noted. The same thing that happened on Saturday in Newcastle. The back also had to be applied.

ZARRAGA Convinced

He came back to have minutes in the double pivot. He looked confident and even came close to scoring, like in Newcastle, with a powerful shot from outside the box.

WINNER Comforted

He entered the final stretch of the fall, as the Mirandés pressed more and more. He did his job.

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