“You knew you were doing something wrong”

The start of luxury friday I had already planned that It wouldn’t be an easy night for Manuel Pereiracontestant’s father Survivors 2022 Yulen Pereira, who came to the set of Telecinco to talk about your child’s relationship with Anabel Pantoja. “I wanted to see you,” he told her. Jorge Javier Vazquez to the athlete’s father when he meets him in the hallways of the sports facilities media playshortly before submitting it to a good reprimand for his behavior with your child and with the program.

“Did you apologize for the call?”was the first thing the presenter wanted to know Save mereferring to his controversial live entry to speak with Yulen upon his arrival in Spain after being kicked out of the contest. In it, the father thought it appropriate to inform him that the next day they would resume training to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesto which the Athlete assured him that “I am the forever Yulen” and “my dream is my dream and it has not changed”.

Pereira, far from going back on what he said that night, remained firm on his position, since “I don’t think he had to forgive me”, and defended himself by explaining that “I did it with love, with affection, with a lot of love”. “I had to be on the set… luckily I wasn’t there”, the journalist warned, laughing, pointing out that “it was not the time”, since the fencer “had just arrived , he was totally disconnected”. “

In this sense, Vázquez insisted that it had been like saying “Stop being silly and now get serious”and urged him to apologize to her as “parents need to apologize to their children too”, to which Manuel continued to be convinced of his ideas.

The anger between Jorge Javier and his father didn’t stop there, and also he got ugly for skipping show protocol show up at the airport to greet Yulen. “If I’m being honest, I don’t know what protocol you’re talking about, no one told me there was any and there was no sign at the airport,” the man said, collecting verTele!.

“It’s taken for granted”, underlined the presenter, at the same time as he reproached him that “you knew you were doing something wrong”. Pereira again denied and claimed that it was his son’s birthday that day, I hadn’t seen him for three months and I wanted to congratulate him and hug him..

His answer does not satisfy the communicator who reproaches him that if it was a fencing competition he would not have acted in the same way: “Do you jump on stage and in the middle of the fight hug him and say ‘happy birthday’?”said to him without waiting for Manuel’s answer: “In the middle, at the beginning and at the end”:

“A very complicated night awaits you”Jorge Javier then warned him after insisting that ‘you know it’s not’ it was the truth, ‘I’m not going to make it easy for you’, he also assured him before to give way to a video of the reunion between Yulen and Anabel, in front of which The father smiled: “A meeting between two lovers who had to talk about a lot of things”, he said, while the host underlined that “they don’t even kiss”.

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