you can receive the vaccination at any vaccination center

HOSTEL. This Friday culminated a province-wide vaccination and hepatitis detection campaign, which included further vaccinations and boosters, along with rapid tests for syphilis and HIV. In this regard, the Head of Nursing of the Central Health Zone, Josefina Cáceres, highlighted the importance of being immunized against hepatitis A and B, the latter being the central objective of the campaign, while emphasizing that after the campaign the vaccinators will be available in all the vaccination clinics of Gran Posadas, they are free and do not require a prescription.

In a dialogue with the MisionesCuatro Newscast, Cáceres insisted that “hepatitis B is our goal” in the campaign. But vaccines have also been applied against “hepatitis A for people at risk, for those who work in canteens and restaurants. We are finishing the anti-tetanus, anti-yellow fever and covid-19 devices,” he stressed.

Additionally, “reactive tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis and HIV were performed. And in 15 minutes the results are available,” the official said.

“Hepatitis B is chronic, this is where they start with symptoms, indigestion of certain foods. Jaundice (yellow discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes) is a warning signal. Taken in time, thanks to a good medical treatment (it is controlled), but when you let it pass, it becomes chronic. Vaccination is important to avoid this disease”, stressed Cáceres, adding that in the advanced stages of this pathology, “the only way to solve it is with a transplant, which is expensive, complex and can lead to death”.

Consulted in this regard, Cáceres highlighted the difference in the forms of infection of hepatitis A and B. The first is spread through “the anus, hand and mouth, poorly washed vegetables. Children are protected because the vaccine is in the immunization schedule. The theme is adults,” the nurse said.

Meanwhile, hepatitis B is transmitted through blood or body fluids, i.e. through transfusion and sexual intercourse.

Once the campaign is over, Cáceres stressed that the inhabitants of the capital area “can come to any vaccination, because the vaccine is available. I recommend that you get vaccinated. We must take advantage of vaccination campaigns, which are free and available in the centres,” he stressed.

In addition to vaccines against hepatitis A and B, vaccines against Covid, yellow fever, tetanus, influenza and pneumonia were applied during this three-day campaign, from July 27 to 29.

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