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The US Navy already has its own 3D printer aboard the USS Essex warship. Why can it be an essential machine in the future?

3D printers have become one of the most successful technologies in the field of innovation. After all, the presence of a simple PDF can serve to have a tool ready in a few hours of work. This, applied to several sectors, can increase business productivity in a few years. These are the ways of exploring printing technology in this format which already there are buildings built using this technique.

The US Navy is no stranger to the potential of this technology, so has already begun to reconcile make the most of its virtues. As usual, the defense or military industry is once again one of the first to have a priority development team. It is undoubtedly a key element that can mark the future of spare parts for ships and aircraft. This is exactly what seems to be happening after the latest announcement made by the United States Marine Corps.

According to information from ZDNetthe ships will be equipped with technology developed by Xerox with the aim of being able to take advantage of spare parts quickly for a set of parts of vital importance. In the event that a hypothetical attack would affect a very specific structure affecting the operation of the ship, a 3D printer would make it possible to replace the damaged element in a very short period of time. This would be the usefulness of this curious proposal in the future.

The USS Essex ship will be the first to have a special 3D printer

The layout of this new technology on the USS Essex warship will allow the crew to have a specially created tool offer specific parts in case of breakdown or enemy attack. It is a very interesting proposal from the point of view of innovation and safety. This becomes even more relevant after seeing how the shortage of components due to the 2020 lockdowns seems to be taking longer than it should.

The US Navy is installing 3D printers on its ships, and for good reason

A Xerox 3D printer will have its own space on an American warship STC magazine

Thanks to this curious solution, you will be able to enjoy a greater number of tools without the need for additional weight on the boat and, of course, you will not have to wait weeks to receive a specific part. It is therefore a technology that could be extended to other ships in the months to come in the multiple advantages that would be obtained in a war scenario. Now, what are some of the characteristics of the model developed by the specialized company Xerox?

Among the parts that this curious technology is able to develop, we stand out the presence of heat sinks, crankcases, fuel adapters, air vents and valve covers. These are things that can cause a ship to lose its ability to move, so printer incorporation can be vitally important. It is important to note that this 3D printer is able to quickly produce a 25×25 cm piece of aluminum.

Naturally, the personnel who go to develop a specific position with this machine must have a training period. However, it is a technology that does not require special equipment in terms of clothing, which makes it easy to access. In fact, the machine itself has a series of safety mechanisms to avoid any possible accident when handling its various tools.

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