Ümit wakes up from a coma and accuses Demir of trying to kill her, permanent prison for him?

In the last chapter ofbitter earth‘We have been through many events and it has been a week full of emotions, betrayals and lies that have come to light. The most striking thing was the accident that Dr. Ümit suffered. The young woman lost her temper during an argument with Fikret and fell down the stairs.

Fikret Instead of helping her, he left her there… What composure! Were Sermin and Füsun who discovered her unconscious…And they called the ambulance! They saved his life! The young woman was rushed to the hospital, where she was operated on and is now in a coma in a state… Very serious! Will the doctor be saved? Sevda also found out and is very sad… However, the police went to arrest Demir. The young man quarreled with Hope before Fikret’s visit, and the governess claims he was the one who assaulted her… But that’s a lie!

The police arrested him and he was interrogated… Will Yaman be able to defend his innocence? Zuleyha She is very worried about her husband’s situation…

Züleyha, very worried about the situation of her husband

In the next chapters of Turkish fiction, we will see Zuleyha handle all legal matters The iron. Young Yaman will spend the night in the dungeon until the trial takes place, which destroys Züleyha… The young woman talks to the lawyer to ask him what are Demir’s chances of winning the trial and the lawyer puts him in the worst situation: Ümit is in a coma and there is a witness who clearly accuses him. His only solution is for Ümit to wake up and tell the truth… Will he?

Otherwise, Demir should go to jail…

Züleyha in Tierra Amarga episode '96'.

Züleyha in Tierra Amarga episode ’96’. | antenna 3

Ümit, wake up and frame Demir

On another side, to like She is very concerned about her daughter’s health. Faculty She already knows that she is Ümit’s mother and the singer is aware that she has to tell Demir and Züleyha… Will she?

Hope He wakes up from his coma and decides to blame Demir… He lies and accuses him of pushing him down the stairs! Sevda finds out and argues with the young woman… She doesn’t understand how she dared to blame the young man…

Sevda, seeing Ümit when he woke up from his coma in Bitter Land episode '96'.

Sevda, seeing Ümit when he woke up from his coma in Bitter Land episode ’96’. | Antenna 3

Now the only hope The iron is that the real person who saw the accident admits: he is Fikret. Meanwhile, Demir, with the support of Züleyha and Fekeli, will be tried for the Ümit case… What will happen in the end?

Demir, in episode '96' of Tierra Amarga.

Demir, in episode ’96’ of Tierra Amarga. | Antenna 3

Fikret is in a hotel in Istanbul with Müjgan starting a new life. But when she learns what happened with Ümit, she returns to Çukurova, frightened by Fikret, since Bahtiyard alerted her… The young woman leaves Fikret!

mujgan She will try to return to the ranch, but she will need Fekeli’s permission… Will he forgive her?

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