They warn that eating these common foods increases the risk of dementia

There is a lot of studies who periodically warn us of the risks that this may pose to our Health some eating habits or foods what we have and consume. There are many who are change diet on this basis, despite the fact that others ignore it.


Many have already changed their diet, while others are unaware

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Now we have learned that there is a type of food, which is common and habitual in everyday life for many, which can cause us eadverse health events. Specifically, among other things, they can increase the dementia risk.

The risks of ultra-processed foods

Industrial sauces, meals cooked with many preservatives or packaged breads from large retailers. It is one of many ultra-processed foods that give us more options to suffer neurodegenerative diseases How are you.

Specifically, the specialized media Neurology published a study that comes to this conclusion from the American Academy of Neurology. Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods is associated with increased risk of dementiawhile substitution of ultra-processed foods for unprocessed or minimally processed foods was associated with a less risk of dementia.

Including consumption of ultra-processed foods in the diet could have this risk

Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods is associated with increased risk of dementia

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The survey was conducted with 72,083 participants aged 55 or over who did not have dementia at baseline and who provided at least two 24-hour dietary assessments from the Biobank study UK. Follow-up took place until March 2021.

Incidents of dementia from all causes including Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia were determined by electronic links to hospital and mortality records.

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In the conclusions, the study indicates that during a total of 717,333 person-years of follow-up (median of 10 years), 518 participants developed dementiaof which 287 developed disease Alzheimer’s there 119 developed dementia vascular.

Thus, the consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with an increased risk of dementia and vascular dementia. Additionally, replacing 10% of the weight of ultra-processed foods in the diet with an equivalent proportion of unprocessed or minimally processed foods has been estimated to be associated with 19% lower risk of dementia.

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