The best motors for “smart” blinds and curtains compatible with HomeKit

Blinds are in fashion. It’s increasingly common to see homes that go beyond traditional window curtains and opt for this more modern element, usually fabric or plastic. And if you have a connected or “smart” home with HomeKit, there are models that can be controlled via voice assistants or mobile devices.

What to consider before buying an awning

Blinds are a great alternative to conventional curtains because keep away sunlight and ultraviolet raysat the same time they look great as decoration because they are available in different colors, patterns and materials, to choose the one that best suits each style of home.

Though there is two types Of these, the parcel type and the roller type, the latter are the most modern, and their installation is quite simple. In turn, the reels are divided into filter (they don’t see you from the outside, but you see from the inside), opaque, translucent, etc. Regarding the control mechanism of the blinds, it can be chain, rod or motorized, which is adjusted using a remote control.

If we focus on the materials, blinds can be made of fabric (linen is the most common), plastic (resistant) or fiberglass (good insulator). If you’re not sure which one to choose, it’s always best to contact an expert or visit a store where they can give us a demo or provide samples.

Another point to keep in mind about blinds is that its price has dropped considerably over the years and they have become a fairly inexpensive alternative to “old-fashioned” curtains, which is appreciated if the room is large and has several windows to cover. Not to mention that they practically do not take up space, which is interesting in small rooms.

Smart blinds compatible with Apple HomeKit

FYRTUR and PRAKTLYSING motorized blinds

Homekit Blinds

PRANKTLYSING blinds (from 99 euros) y FYRTUR (from 129 euros) are IKEA’s proposals for the home. The first, filtering and white, attenuates the reflections on the television and the computer screen, it looks good in living rooms; the second, gray and dark, completely prevents the entry of light, so it is rather intended for bedrooms.

They both come with a remote to control them and are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. To make them work “intelligently” it is necessary to purchase the TRÅDFRI connection device and download the IKEA Home smart app.

WARNING the TRÄDFRI controller is currently not available for purchase in the online store and is a must-have device for operating blinds with Apple HomeKit.

Terncy motorized blinds

Terncy motorized blinds

The IKEA proposals are the most accessible, especially with regard to their purchase from Spain, since there are more proposals that concern international shipments, such as the motorized blinds of Terncy (from €196.25). They have a nice design can be controlled via Apple HomeKit / Alexa / Google Assistant, support scenes and automations, and are silent. For them to work, you need the control device (€62.56).

Terncy “smart” blind

Terncy Zigbee Controller-Hub Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Zemismart shutter controller


If you have an awning with chain control, this Zemismart device (€85.85) it sits on it and allows it to be raised or lowered remotely, with the smartphone or by voice. It is a small motor that has an integrated battery and also requires its own control unit (59.80 euros) to operate, but it is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Zemismart Zigbee Roller Shade Motor Works with Apple Homekit ZMHK-01 Hub Required Built-in Battery Shade Motor Siri Voice Control

Control of curtains and blinds from Aqara

Aqara home kit

we end with the blind control (€63.99) and curtains (€109.99) from Aqara. The E1 blind control supports roller shutters and blinds weighing up to 3 kg, installation is simple and the battery lasts two months. Allows you to set schedules to hop on and hop off automatically. The model for curtains has several control modes, automations and its powerful motor supports curtains up to 12 kg. Its 6000 mAh rechargeable battery gives it an autonomy of up to one year. Both require the Aqara hub (€53.79) to connect to Apple HomeKit or other systems.

Aqara Home Automation Hub M2 (2.4GHz Wi-Fi Required), Smart Home Bridge for Alarm System, Infrared Remote Control, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT

Aqara E1 curtain controller (rod version, 1-pack), requires Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub, for remote control and home automation, supports HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Aqara E1 Roller Shade Control, requires AQARA HUB, programming and voice control, long-lasting rechargeable battery, compatible with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT

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