Rosa López and her boyfriend, in danger by confessing the problem of the child they are expecting

rose lopez He has always been characterized by caution, but the situation he is experiencing has gotten out of hand and he doesn’t know how to act. He asked for help on his social media because he realized it was the only way to eliminate the danger. “A car has been chasing me for hours, it’s been since this morning and we don’t know who it is.”

Rosa López was with her boyfriend in a vehicle, she realized they were being followed and talked about it on her Instagram account. “It’s not common and it’s not legal either.It shouldn’t be legal, even if you’re a public person.” The singer was scared, despite being used to the press following her movements to photograph them.

Photo of Rosa López accompanied by her boyfriend, Iñaki García, in the show 'Déjate querer'

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pink announced in Let yourself be loved, a program presented by Toñi Moreno on Telecinco, who soon wanted to be a mother. The problem is that she doesn’t feel ready and feels that she should take the plunge as soon as possible because she is quite old. Her family can’t wait to meet the baby on the way, though there’s every indication they’ll have to be patient.

Rosa achieved what she achieved by sharing her maternal instincts with the public: her media interest grew. “They persecute us and we don’t know why, it scares us and it doesn’t matter how old you are,” he recently commented. Photographers have been putting the entertainer in the spotlight since her baby bump was revealed.

López is waiting for the moment to be a mother, she is not pregnant yet, but she is very excited. “I lack rice because I am already 41 and would like to have offspring. I have the perfect man and the perfect life to now have the son and the daughter of my life”, he explained to Toñi Moreno.

Rosa López asked for an explanation

Rosa knows perfectly well how the world of the heart works because she has been known for a long time. When he revealed he was planning to have a child, the public was shocked and there he realized he had made a mistake. The journalists have gone to work and they don’t leave him in the sun or the shade, that’s why they chase him with the car.

Rosa López's first plan would be

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López managed to attract the attention of socialite socialiteprogram which he expressed the problem he was having. The networks echoed the news and all positioned themselves alongside the former candidate of Operation Triumph. She has many followers, they will not let anything happen to her and will always be by her side.

The artist has always been very understanding, she tries to take care of all her fans and never has a bad answer for anyone. But he doesn’t want to be chased in the car either, it’s dangerous and he wants to avoid the consequences. Iñaki, the partner of the Andalusian woman, has become her great support and in these situations she does not separate from her.

Rosa López confessed that she wanted to be a mother soon

Rosa admitted that her situation is delicate, until she speaks clearly about what is happening with her motherhood, she is in danger at the media level. She hinted that she wants to have two children: a boy and a girl, so she has to hurry. What he is clear about is that he does not feel the need to go through the altar, he feels that the relationship is very consolidated.

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López explained that their love story is perfect, they met at a concert and realized they were made for each other. “There was an uproar and he came to rescue me with other companions, he saved me, he was my angel.” The artist knows that the romance will last forever, at the moment she does not want a wedding, but maybe she will change her mind.

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