New ‘Rocky’ Spinoff Unleashes Sylvester Stallone’s Wrath

First, Creed III It had to be a project that aroused the passions of fans of the saga. Michael B. Jordanafter debuting as Adonis Creed (son of Apollo) in the hit to restart franchise Rockygoes backstage for the first time for a new episode, and MGM has set its premiere (after a slight delay) for the March 3, 2023. However, in Creed III It won’t be Sylvester Stallone. For the first time in long franchise history. Stallone said he “resigned” appear in Creed III to the direction the story was taking, but who fully supported the project. Today we know that, even if you support him, more complex feelings are at play.

The past July 16 Stallone (who wrote the screenplay for the first Rocky in 1976 and directed four films of the saga) posted a hostile message on Instagram addressed to “parasite and talentless producer of Rocky there Creed. He was referring to Irwin Winkerwho was behind all the films of Rocky there Creed joining him from the first Credo his two sons, David there Charly. “If it hadn’t been for Winkler, there would have been at least three other RockyAnd that would have been wonderful. They are frankly the worst human beings I have ever met in the industry.”Stallone continued, implying that the to restart of Creed officiated in 2015 had attacked his desire for Rocky to continue to be the protagonist.

The next day Stallone, calmer, said “I would like them to give me back at least what remains of my rights before they pass it on to their children, I think it would be a fair gesture”. The posts were later deleted, but a recent turn of events has caused Stallone’s anger to resurface. And it is that this week we learned that MGM was preparing a new spin off of Rockyby title Draco. I was going to write it Robert Lawton without transcending who would play it, although from Creed II the situation has changed Dolph Lundgren there Florian Monteanu. Lundgren, like Ivan Drago, faced Stallone in Rocky IV.

Monteanu, his son Viktor, confronted Creed wanting to restore the family’s honor. The idea that now the two are going to have their own movie doesn’t seem to sit well with Stallone, who interpreted it as a sloppy way to continue to press the franchise and further rudeness towards him by the Winklers. “Another crush… I just discovered it. Once again, the pathetic 94-year-old producer and his selfish, worthless sons squeeze yet another wondrous character to the bone! Seriously, what do weasels look like in the mirror?write on Instagram joining the news.

“I’m sorry to the fans, I apologize to the fans because I never wanted Rocky to be taken advantage of for this embarrassment.” adds, but is quick to clarify: “I have nothing but respect for my friend Dolph Lundgren”. obviously that “94-year-old producer” it’s Winkler, who has yet to react to Stallone’s repeated attacks. Everything indicates that Sly’s departure from his beloved franchise was anything but peaceful, suddenly seeing that he had no ability to stop the progression of Rocky nor its diversification into several spin off. It remains to be seen if the tantrum stays here or if Stallone tries to start some sort of boycott.

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