Ligue 1: Messi, Neymar and Ramos dazzle by winning the Supercup of France

SThat day The French Supercup will reflect the PSG season, make way for the curves to come. The remodeled PSG of Galtier surprised against Nantes in a final (4-0) which they mastered from start to finish and whose best news, beyond the first title of the season, is the involvement of its stars. Falt Mbappé at the partybut another of those good news Galtier got is that no one missed him.

oh they were Neymar, Messi and Ramos, widely criticized for his performance last season to bring the first smiles to PSG supporters. Until Donnarumma he answered when Nantes, more daring before the goals started to fall, asked him a few times through the Nigerian Simon.

PSG goal recital: Messi, Neymar’s free kick and even Ramos’ high heels!

The Italian, to whom Galtier named undisputed number ‘1’ responded perfectly with a spectacular lunge from a shot into the top corner early in the game, before Messi and Neymar decided to do their bit.

Put it shining alone

Leo Messi celebrates his goal against Nantes in the final

Leo Messi celebrates his goal against Nantes in the finalAriel SchalitPA

Only time will tell yes Messi will maintain the level all season, but the match he played against Nantes remember the one in barcelona. The Argentine teamed up perfectly with Neymar to score the game’s first goal, haggle over Lafont before he leaves.

Both, Argentinian and Braziliandid not participate in the French Super Cup last season. In the current, the two were protagonists. Recovery symptom? Are they plugged in? That being so, beyond what the bullet dictates, The great success of Galtier at the Parc des Princes.

Doublet and assist for Neymar

Neymar celebrates his free kick against Nantes

Neymar celebrates his free kick against NantesABIR SULTANEFE

In Israelhost of the final, you might also see a Neymar artwork. While the stands were already starting to make waves, the Brazilian gave them a small direct free kick against which Lafont could not do anything.

A devastating fact: During the whole of last season, PSG did not score any goals from a direct free kick.. Present, first. They are back ?

Another fact. against Nantes, Neymar played his first Super Cup as a starter with PSG. In the previous ones, either he had left the bench or, directly, he had not participated. His implication of summer in the form of words now also has facts on the ground.

The Brazilian himself was responsible for scoring the last goal of the game from the penalty spot and completed his performance with a brace and assisted Messi in his goal.

Ramos’ work of art

Ramos celebrates his goal against Nantes

Ramos celebrates his goal against NantesABIR SULTANEFE

And Messi and Neymar took a step forward against NantesRamos was not far behind. The Spanish defender, badly affected by injuries last season and who also had to endure criticism from Parisian supporters as another of the faded away In 2021-22, he wanted to start in the best possible way: with a good goal.

In the 57th minute, a ball that approached Ramos in the box found the centre-back with his back to goal. Knowing that Lafont was defeated, the former Real Madrid player invented a high heel which meant the third goal for PSG and doomed the final.

Compare, Last season, PSG lost the French Super Cup without Neymar, Messi or MbappĂ© on the pitch. Lille won, the first time in 9 years that the Parisian team found themselves without winning. If this was the start of a season to forgetthe match against Nantes could not give any more illusions about what to expect for Galtier’s men in the current campaign which has just started.

PSG players celebrate Messi's goal against Nantes

PSG players celebrate Messi’s goal against NantesAriel SchalitPA

PSG won their 11th Supercoupe de France and have won nine of the last 10 editions. The best? What is said. attitude. And the illusion. This PSG believes in it.

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