it’s the battle to charge the mobile in the shortest possible time

In a few years, fast mobile charging has multiplied its speed. What was until recently the promises of the various manufacturers, we now have phones that can be charged in just over 10 minutes. And once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back. That of leaving the mobile to charge all night may soon be a thing of the past. In the latest models from manufacturers such as Xiaomi oh true me It is already possible to have this fast charge, but the brands still have a lot to offer us.

Here we review the status of fast charging, which are the best phones in this regard and the hours they promise us. A glance which fast charging technologies are coming soon and which are already available in real mobiles that any interested user can buy.

Mobiles with the fastest charging on the market

When we talk about load, mobiles from chinese manufacturers are the fastest. As has already happened with the megapixel war, the biggest brands like Apple, Samsung or Google have chosen not to scale their fast charge. On the contrary, manufacturers like OPPO or Xiaomi have chosen to adopt fast charging and highlight power as one of the outstanding features of their new mobiles.

Long live

At an intermediate point is Huawei, which in its flagship product, the P50Pro, offers up to 66W. Way above options like the Galaxy S22 Ultra with 45W or the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 27W. It turns out that Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, I already explained mid-2020 that the company had 100W and 200W fast charges within reach, but chose not to offer them to take care of the mobile battery.

Something seems to have changed recently, as Huawei itself is now championing 100W fast charging. That’s the speed it delivers in one of its latest models, the Nova 9 Pro. A mobile that at the moment cannot be purchased in Spain.

He is also not in our country (he is also not expected), the mobile with the fastest charge on the market and the only one with 200W: the Vivo iQOO 10 Pro. We are facing a gaming mobile with a 4,700 mAh battery and impressive fast charging. According to the company, the device can charge its battery to 100% in less than 10 minutes.

The battery of this Vivo mobile incorporates a new battery electrolyte and a new charging chip with a three-way charging nozzle to make sure the battery life is long enough. Vivo guarantees that the battery remains above 80% of its capacity even if more than 1,600 charge cycles have passed.

Realme Gt Neo 3

The mobile available in Spain, that of Xataka that we were able to test and which can be purchased by 699 euros it’s him Realme GT Neo 3 150W. In hand it is beautiful. Power topping up the Realme GT Neo 3’s 4,500mAh in less than 15 minutes is worth a look. It’s one of those experiences that changes the way you use your mobile. The usual thing is to put it on charge and forget it, but we have reached a point where we can have a coffee and when we return we already have the mobile at 100% charge.

So we leave you one table with the mobiles that today have the fastest charge. Some brands like Xiaomi have several flagships with equally fast charging, in this case we have selected the most representative model.


Quick charge

Vivo iQOO 10 Pro


Realme GT Neo 3


Xiaomi 12 Pro




Honor Magic 4 Pro


Huawei Nova 9 Pro


Lenovo Legion 2 Phone Duel


OPPO Find X5 Pro


In a prominent position is the Honor Magic 4 Pro with its 100W fast charge. However, the most remarkable thing about this model is that it is not only by the cable, but the 100W is also offered with wireless charging.

The particular case is that of OPPO. The The SuperVOOC brand is one of the most representative of this technology for years. The Chinese manufacturer is one of the true benchmarks in this area and even its mid-range phones offer very high charging speeds.

Its flagship, the OPPO Find X5 Pro offer the 3rd Generation SuperVOOC with 80W. However, in February 2022 announcement much more advanced technology. A fast charging technology that is yet to come.

Recharging the mobile in less than 10 minutes is already possible (and will be common)

Fast charging technology has been with us for several years. Little by little it has advanced and fortunately it is available for most brands. This is the case of Qualcomm, which already in July 2020 announced Quick Charge 5.0, with up to 100W and the possibility of filling 50% of the battery of our mobiles in 5 minutes. Fast-charging technology that could get an update later this year.

OPPO is the company with the fastest charging technology announced, although it is not available at the moment. OPPO with its 240 W SuperVOOC promises to complete 4,500 mAh in 9 minutes. We still do not find this figure in any mobile, but it is expected that between the end of this year and the next we will see it in some top of the range OPPO. Before, we could receive 150W SuperVOOC charging, which promises to top that same figure in 15 minutes. To get an idea, the Vivo iQOO 10 Pro and its 200 W complete the battery in 10 minutes.


It was in May 2021 when Xiaomi announced its 200W fast charging system. Currently, the Chinese manufacturer allows to complete the 4,600 mAh of the Xiaomi 12 Pro in 18 minutes, with its 120 W system. Something similar allows the POCO F4 GT. but the load Xiaomi Hypercharge 200W promises to fill 4000 mAh in 8 minutes.

The question that many users may ask is when will we see this Xiaomi system in a real mobile. And the answer is that it could be very soon. According to the latest rumors, the Xiaomi Mix 5 will debut this fall with Xiaomi’s 200W charging.

The group BBK Electronics, which includes manufacturers such as OPPO, Realme, Vivo or OnePlus, shares its fast charging technology. That’s why we see Vivo with 200W or Realme with its Ultradart technology 100W, 150W and soon 200W.

One of the companies that will show its cards soon is OnePlus. It is expected that the new OnePlus 10T Pro add technology 150W Warp Chargeto match what we’ve already seen with the Realme GT Neo 3. Currently, the OnePlus 10 Pro it stays at 80W.

Another company that can show its cards is Huawei. this september the arrival of the Huawei Mate 50 is expected and fast charging might be one of the highlights. At the moment, no figures have been released, but Richard Yu’s promise that they reached 200W may be true.

At a leading level also wants to highlight Motorola. One of its executives revealed a future 125W fast charging, for an upcoming flagship with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor named “Frontier”. Currently the Motorola Edge 30 Pro it comes with 68W.

As we did with mobiles, we leave you here with a comparison table with the latest fast charging technologies of the various manufacturers, as well as the expected date and the charging times they promise.


Quick charge




240W SuperVOOC

4500mAh in 9 minutes

Announced February 2022

Planned for the end of 2022


200W Hypercharge

4000mAh in 8 minutes

Announced May 2021

Planned for the end of 2022 with the Xiaomi Mix 5

Long live


4700 mAh in 10 minutes

Available summer 2022 on the iQOO 10 Pro

true me

UltraDart 150W

4500 mAh in 15 minutes

Available summer 2022 on GT Neo 3, 200W version to come


150 W string load

50% of 4500 mAh in 5 minutes

Expected for summer 2022 with the OnePlus 10T Pro



Expected for late 2022 with the Motorola ‘Frontier’



4600 mAh in 30 minutes

Available in February 2022 with the Honor Magic 4 Pro.
Also 100W wireless charging



4000mAh in 20 minutes

Available with the Nova 9 Pro

In October 2022, Huawei claimed it already had 200W charging


Quick Charge 5.0 100W

4500 mAh in 15 minutes

Announced Summer 2020

Fast charging has gained paramount importance over the years. The challenge is not only to increase the power, which is relatively simple, but do so without excessively affecting battery life. Temperature management is complicated. There is also the issue of compatibility with different chargers.

Faced with this, some Chinese manufacturers bet on a universal fast charging system. And standard that already exists with Power Deliverywhose specification 3.1 It can deliver energy up to 240 W. As we can see, there is a lot of room for improvement so that the mobile phones of the years to come offer even faster fast recharges.

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