Gordo de La Primitiva Sunday August 31 | La Primitiva’s El Gordo changes the life of a player with a price of more than five million euros this Sunday

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Can you imagine waking up one day being
millionaire? No, it’s not a dream. This is what can happen to you if you participate in the draw for the
Gordo de La Primitiva. a simple
bet can change the course of your life. You just need to buy one
ticket and hope your combination matches the winning combination. If so, you can take a good pinch of cash for your pocket.

That’s what happened to a Tier One player (5+1) who saw his luck run out after becoming a millionaire. The winner won nothing more and nothing less than 5,867,078.63 euros. The correct ticket has been validated at the Administration of Lottery No. 2 of Santo Domingo de La Calzada (La Rioja), located at Avenida Alfonso Peña, 4.

As there are no winning second category (5+0) tickets, the amount allocated to prizes in said category increases the amount allocated to the next lower category (4+1).

In the draw for El Gordo de la Primitiva next Sunday, a guaranteed mushroom of 5,000,000 euros will be at stake for the winners of the first category.

This was the result of Gordo de La Primitiva this Sunday, July 31:

– Winning combination: 2, 36, 45, 47, 51

– Key number: 4

Check the winning numbers and the winning combination

luck stories

How has your life changed after the award?

They always played the same numbers and lost the one day they didn’t bet

The story of Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan is one of bad luck. The couple from England came very close to winning 182 million euros. Young students have always participated in the Euromillions draw and, in addition, they have always bet on the same numbers. They didn’t miss a day, in fact, they had set up a platform with which they could automatically buy tickets every week.

However, one Friday, they didn’t because their bank account ran out of funds. “We didn’t think they were going to come out,” they told British media The Sun.

They were wrong. When they checked the app, they received a notification with the numbers they have always played with, which have been set. And they saw that they were the ones who had won the biggest prize. Thus, they deprived themselves of pocketing 182 million euros, the exact figure of the kitty.

Win over 5 million euros and find out at the bar

Rufino became the most famous neighbor of Valuengo, a small town in Jerez after winning the Gordo de la Primitiva. It was made with 5 million four hundred thousand euros. The most curious thing is how he discovered he was a millionaire: at the bar and by chance.

Rufino was having a coffee in the usual bar. Among the patrons, the conversation broke out that someone from town had won the Primitiva Gordo award. The local server offered to check Rufino’s post: “You’re for Gordo. And from there, general disbelief. No one in the bar believed it, not even the winner himself.

Rufino had an accident in the company where he worked which cost him three fingers on one hand and rendered him unable to work.

A winner wants to sue the Lottery for ruining her life

Jane Park won the Euromillions at 17. Now, four years later, he has revealed that what he thought was making his life better, has realized the opposite. In fact, he wants to sue the Lottery for “ruining” his life.

The young woman was lucky because she won the prize with the first ticket she bought. The figure with which it was made was exactly 1,175,000 euros. As he said in an interview with the Mirror newspaper, the price made him lose his mind and he wasted the money on designer clothes, cars and cosmetic operations.

Now he admits that he would have preferred not to have won the Euromillions because his life would be “easier”. As he admitted, despite having a lot of money, his life is “empty” and it is very difficult for him to find a partner who is not only interested in his money.

Ruth, the millionaire who never stopped working

Ruth Breen, 39, won the EuroMillions prize as she was going through a bad economic patch. The Briton, a midwife by profession and mother of a young girl, saw how her luck turned when she was the winner of the draw.

However, she was very clear that she did not want to change the course of her life. She continued to work and used the money to put her daughter in a good school, to help her brother buy a house and to pay for her parents’ insurance.

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