Glory Camilla | The sheet of Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado defends itself from the words of Gema Aldón: “Whatever happens, whether at home, not on a set”

07/31/2022 at 10:50


Ortega Cano’s daughter tried to justify her attitude towards Ana María’s daughter

The maintenance of Gema Aldon in “Friday Deluxe” It had its first consequences in the afternoon of Saturday July 30. the premiere of ‘It’s already summer’ had the presence of Gloria Camila, one of the protagonists of Aldón’s interview. The daughter of José Ortega Cano has never been confronted with complicated questions and the collaborators made it easier for him to respond to what suited him best, without refuting anything.

“I get this message after making a comment about Ana’s collection, in which I say that It’s not to my taste and it’s for old people that I. Next, I insist that Ana is very professional in the creation of patterns and clothes”. The designer also admitted that she had asked Ana María for help during the short period of her studies: “What’s wrong with helping me? I don’t understand it.”

Gloria Camila also assured that “I always tried to be good, to understand her and to support her. Obviously, there are many things that I do not share, but I tell you. I don’t consider it a crime to give my opinion or disagree,” he said, trying to justify his bad attitudes with her.

Regarding the controversial message she received from Gema Aldón, the right-hander’s daughter says she didn’t respond so as not to get on his level: “The same four or five years ago you send me this message and I enter the rag, I answer you and I put myself on your level, but I consider that with this attitude we cannot get along or anything, on the contrary”. he didn’t talk about why he exaggerated and made up much of the conversation he had with Gema, which he said he threatened her and might even sue her.

The interviewee continues her role as conciliator: “I’m used to talking about things and trying to understand myself, which is sometimes difficult afterwards”. He also added that “whatever happens, that it happens at home, not on a set”, while she was on set talking about her family. However, he didn’t want to end his speech without throwing a dart at ‘Friday Deluxe’: “What strikes me as pitiful and unfortunate is that a show that has a large audience applauds this type of action and lyrics. Because it’s called verbal aggression, and if other people had done it, they would have riddled us,” he said.

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