GLORIA CAMILLA | Several messages from Gloria Camila so far hidden are revealed: “you already have several insured ostias”

Gloria Camila is in the spotlight after Gema’s controversial statements, the daughter of Ana Mar铆a Ald贸n, did it in ‘S谩lvame Deluxe’ last Friday. From now on, he wanted to sit in the program in which he will collaborate in the coming weeks, ‘Ya es verano’, to speak without mincing his words and thus defend himself from the attacks received by Gema Ald贸n.

Regarding the devastating and threatening message that Ana Mar铆a’s daughter confessed to having sent her, Gloria Camila assures quite calmly that “things are not understood on the phone”, to which she preferred not to answer.

In addition, the bullfighter’s daughter believes that “people change and learn”, a fact for which she made the decision not to respond impulsively. He acknowledges that his father, Ortega Cano, was able to read the message and also encouraged him not to reply, despite his surprise. Gloria Camila denies that she will report Gema for this message, but assures that her lawyer “is aware of what could happen in the future”.

Regarding the accusations against her family by Gema Ald贸n, the influencer recalls that it is also about her brother’s family: “If we are going to respect everyone, we are going to respect everyone.”

Gloria Camila defends that “what must happen must happen inside the house, not on a set”, since for her part she prefers to talk about things calmly. This is how he tried it with Ana Mar铆a Ald贸n: “I’m the type to talk about things and try to understand them. I called Ana to talk about things and that conversation never took place .”

The bullfighter’s daughter assures that the trigger for the message was a comment she made regarding Ana Mar铆a Ald贸n’s clothes, saying that they were made for the elderly. As a result, Gloria thinks she’s been accused of things that aren’t true, like Ana Mar铆a doing her career work for her: “It seems like I’m responsible for everything, she didn’t do my job”.

On the other hand, when certain images are broadcast where we see the bullfighter quite touched by the media, Gloria is moved and assures us that her father is “the greatest” for her. He admits that Ortega Cano is having a very bad time lately, and although he doesn’t say it on television -in reference to Ana Mar铆a Ald贸n- he also suffers a lot from this situation: “My father is delicate and it affects him.”

However, despite the lesson of class and respect that the bullfighter’s daughter gave after Gema Ald贸n’s messages, it seems that all that glitters is not gold. The networks are still pulling newspaper archives and discovered a message that Gloria Camila sent a few years ago: “Bitch, you wash your mouth of my brother and me because you already have several insured ostias. Don’t talk so much that your thing is rather suck”, he wrote in his account Twitter.

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