Gloria Camila criticizes the “Telecinco programs” that told a “lie” about her

the premiere of It’s summer in replacement of Live life This had consequences that go far beyond the obvious. If the previous program was the big speaker of Ana Maria Aldon to expose your problems with Jose Ortega Cano –her husband– and his family, the new afternoon magazine of Telecinco it will be the pulpit from which he will defend himself Glory Camilabullfighter’s daughter.

“It’s already summer”: a fresh and renewed “Viva la vida” that suffered a notable absence in its premiere

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Thus, beyond the aesthetic renovation advocated in the after-meals on Saturday and Sunday, change also involves a new discourse: Before, Ana María Aldón’s version was gaining weight; now it will be the testimony of the opposing party.

Gloria Camila, talk show host of other programs produced by Unicorn Content – the same company that runs It’s summer– reappeared this Saturday to answer Aldon gemdaughter of Ana María, who luxury friday He banged on the table and asked that his mother be respected.

But, leaving aside the family intrigues of which they accuse each other, the bullfighter’s daughter criticizes “other network programs” who she says “lied” to the public.

“Yesterday I didn’t see the interview, I didn’t tell anyone about it and I didn’t call anyone a ‘vivista’. I didn’t write a message, so I would like to tell other programs on the network to show that I wrote this message. Lying to the public in this way is cruel, and giving a message on my behalf that does not exist is a bit illegal,” said Gloria Camila.

Although he didn’t explicitly refer to any program, it just so happens that socialite socialitea few hours earlier, he had mentioned this supposed message.

“I have in my possession a brief conversation between Gloria Camila and another person. Gloria Camila saw the show and when she talks about Gema, she says she is ‘a good living like her mother'”, has said the presenter of the show, Nuria Marin.

Gloria Camila denies the eldest and asks to prove that she sent this message.

“It’s pitiful and unfortunate”

In addition, the actress and talk show host attacked Telecinco programs that “applauded” the message she herself received from Gema Aldón calling her “piece of hair”.

“I usually suppress hatred between people and try to speak politely. What seems a bit pitiful and unfortunate to me is that a program with a large audience applauds these kinds of actions and words, ”complains the bullfighter’s daughter, again without specifying which program she was referring to, so that the controversial message was broadcast the previous evening. in luxury friday.

“It’s a verbal aggression, and we applaud an action which, if we had done other people, would have riddled us. If we are going to have this type of action, we are not going to improve as a society, ”he concluded without anyone questioning his words.

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