General Motors is preparing its return to the European market

Written by: Javier Cantagalli @Cantagalli July 31, 2022 2 minutes

The American manufacturer will focus on its most efficient electric models, with a sales model likely online

With the sale of Opel to the PSA group in 2017, General Motors ceased to be present in Europe. An absence that does not seem to last very long. Although a precise date is still unknown, General Motors will soon return to the European market; but this time with a completely different approach.

The American manufacturer intends to communicate its future plans in Europe early next year. Although only then will we know all the details, we already know today in broad outline what the company’s intentions are.

Hummer Ev Edition One production line

General Motors will return to Europe with a range of mainly electric vehicles. A completely logical step if we take into account the increasingly restrictive anti-pollution regulations in force on this market. The rapid adoption of the electric vehicle in Europe was also one of the reasons that pushed GM to make this decision.

The transition to electric mobility will allow General Motors to regain a foothold in the European market

The American company does not seem to have set a precise objective in relation to the volume of sales to be achieved, but it is very clear that it wants to play an important role in this market. To achieve this, instead of betting on European brands as happened with Opel, on this occasion, General Motors will bring to Europe its most successful models in North Americaalways taking into account its compatibility with the particularities of the European market.

Although it is currently unknown which electric models of the American manufacturer could arrive in Europe, it seems likely that the Cadillac Lyriq be one of them. And some Chevrolet models like the 2024 Blazer EV or Equinox EV aren’t out of the question either. In reality, it is even possible that we will see the Hummer EV on European territory, although it seems complicated.

Cadillac Lyriq 2022 Back

“Chevrolet, Cadillac or Hummer are all global brands of General Motors which can therefore adapt to the requirements of European customers. The transition to electric mobility also allows us to be more easily present in this market, since we can take advantage of the flexibility of our platforms for electric vehicles.

Finally, we also know that General Motors wants to operate in Europe as if it were a startup. Without the limitations that traditional manufacturers have to deal with. This means that, given the absence of resellers of the brand on European territory, It is not excluded that GM opts for an online sales modelas is the case with Tesla or Polestar, for example.

General Motors Electric

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