Fidel Albiac confirms that behind the divorce there is a woman who makes Rociíto tremble

Fidel Albiac He can boast of being the only person who has never turned his back on Rociíto, although he insinuates otherwise. The lawyer showed he was up to the task, in fact he helped Carrasco through his toughest time. The daughter of the Greatest decided to tell the truth to make it clear that her husband had nothing to do with the nightmare she lived through.

Fidel Albiac knows that Rociíto suffered a lot because of two separations: that of his parents and that he had with Antonio David Flores. The latter is on everyone’s lips after the documentary Tell the truth to stay alive, but little is known about that of Rocío Jurado. The singer divorced Pedro Carrasco in the most absolute privacy and managed to be his friend after signing the papers.

Rocio Carrasco with Pedro Carrasco

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Fidel confirmed the rumors thanks to information from journalist Juan Luis Galiacho, director of the portal The digital closure. The aforementioned source assures that there is a woman behind the separation of Pedro and Rocío: the announcer Encarna Sánchez. Supposedly, the boxer asked Encarna for help and she advised him to part ways with the singer as soon as possible.

Fidel knows that Encarna Sánchez made Rociíto suffer, because the announcer had power and at the time was tough on the biggest. Rocío Jurado was a friend of Sánchez, but something happened that changed everything and a war broke out between them. The memory of the journalist is always present, which is why Albiac’s wife can never be calm.

“It is Pedro Carrasco who makes the decision to separate and the first person he talks to about it is Encarna Sánchez. He came to her office at COPE and told her that he was going to separate. She told him says: “Go ahead, Pedro, as you wish, I will be with you”, explains Juan Luis Galiacho.

Fidel Albiac knows that the separation was painful

Fidel understands Rociíto, she defends that her parents died in love with each other, a theory that has aroused many passions. Many journalists assure that the Biggest was fed up with the boxer, so she decided to part with him. Galiacho added that Pedro also wanted to take the plungedespite the fact that it was clear that it was going to be painful.

Montage of photos of Fidel Albiac and Rocío Jurado

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“The situation was tense and he couldn’t stand Rocío’s brothers, he started crying because he loved her so much that it was very difficult to part with her.” The singer’s daughter shares this version, in fact, she blames the Mohedano for the separation. He thinks his uncles Amador and Gloria had too much influence, so his parents thought it best to cut to the chase.

Rociíto knows that Encarna Sánchez had a lot of power, at the time she was a friend of her mother, but later she stopped being. Supposedly, everything changed when Isabel Pantoja entered the journalist’s life, until then everything was perfect. The advertiser’s judgments of the taller became very harsh, so Carrasco had reason to be concerned.

Fidel Albiac could soon call his lawyers

Fidel, according to several media, could prepare a series of demands for certain journalists and collaborators. He does not tolerate being made into a public figure because he has never participated in the world of the heart. He wishes to keep his anonymity and will do everything to stop the scandals that splash him.

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Albiac has been with Rociíto for more than two decades, they are an inseparable couple and nothing affects them. They are used to receiving criticism, so they do not take into account what is said about them. Those who really know him assure that it is a charming marriage.

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