Fernando Alonso speaks very clearly on the radio: “Never in my life have I seen a defense like Esteban’s today”

The Hungarian Grand Prix Formula 1 This gave us a spectacular and intense start where the rain, maneuvers of all kinds and overtaking mixed in the first kilometers which were frantic.

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The tire dance caught the eye right from the start. There were pilots in soft and others in medium given the weather conditions. Only Kevin Mahnussen was able to go hard in the first laps of the race.

At the start, George Russell was able to contain the onslaught of Carlos Sainz, who tried to be aggressive and thus overtake the Mercedes driver, but without success. The emergence of a virtual safety car helped the Briton, who was able to extend the life of the soft tires a bit more and stop attacks from Sainz, who was on medium.

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There was more mess in the back. In Alpine, more precisely, they had to hold their breath when they saw the battle between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon. The Spanish rider failed to overtake his teammate, who signed an almost numantine defense with which he managed to maintain his position.

“Never in my life have I seen a defense like Esteban’s today. Never,” Fernando Alonso told the radio. The problem for Alpine is that this fight, this Esteban Ocon stopper, benefited Lewis Hamilton, who passed both, and Red Bull, who got close enough to pass them a few laps later.

So, and after a turbulent start, Esteban Ocon went to eighth place, while Fernando Alonso fell to ninth place, both far from their aspirations, which were to fight to enter the top six.

The positional fight that hurt Alpine

Subsequently, and after going through the pits to fit hard tires for Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso, and with the Frenchman on the points limit, Alpine experienced a new fight for position which ended up hurting the crew.

The man from Oviedo aimed to overtake the French driver. Just behind, in addition, Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren appeared, the intention of which was to fish in a rough river and have the possibility of overtaking two single-seaters at the same time.

Fernando Alonso falls on Ocon, who accelerates his braking to prevent his teammate from passing him. This reason to open more than necessary. Ricciardo, aware of all this, took the situation calmly and quickly braked.

This strategy gave him the ability to get inside. Both Esteban Ocon and Alonso were on the outside and both Alpines offered the lane for the Aussie to effectively get ahead and close on team-mate Lando Norris.

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