FC Sevilla: Leicester – Sevilla, live: the second half begins (0-0)

Ignacio Liano Bernal


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Sevilla FC media say there are no concerns about a relapse for Suso Fernández, who left the game as a precaution in the first half of the friendly.


The second half begins at King Power Stadium. Follow here the recovery of Leicester – Sevilla.

7:48 p.m.

End of the first half. Sevilla draw in Leicester, where they don’t feel comfortable creating. Julen Lopetegui’s team will try to win the duel in the second half.


Min 39 (0-0): Wow!!!! Good arrival from Seville. Munir tried, who fired after a previous rebound. But the shot from the Moroccan missed it.


Min 35 (0-0): Hydration break at King Power Stadium.


Min 31 (0-0): Leicester tightens. After an error in the ball exit by Joan Jordán, Vardy was very close to the goal, but Gudelj saved the attempt with a good defense.


Min 28 (0-0): Oops! New approach from Leicester, in a counter-attack that Maddison was able to finish. Luckily for Sevilla, the local shot went high.


Min 25 (0-0): Total equality on the scoreboard as the first half hour approached. Sevilla had a good chance after a foul in which Evans almost scored on his own goal. Eventually, the action was called off.


Min. 18 (0-0): Bad news in Seville: Suso leaves, who we saw limping, and Munir enters.


Min 13 (0-0): Oops! New approach with danger from the home team. It was Vardy who fired after a feint on Gudelj, and Kike Salas who prevented the attacker from shooting cleanly.


Min 10 (0-0): Oops! First chance of danger in favor of Leicester. It featured Harvey Barnes, who took the tight shot but went just wide. Notice the English box.


Min 8 (0-0): Duel power against power in Leicester. Sevilla are trying to find options in attack to be able to surprise the English defense. The tie remains on the scoreboard.


The match begins at the King Power Stadium. Sevilla want to reverse against Leicester the image offered yesterday to the Emirates. The ball is already rolling. Follow the friendly here.


About to start Leicester – Sevilla!

18.12Fran Montes de OcaFran Montes de Oca

The starting formations for this match which will host the King Power Stadium are already known. At Sevilla FC, Julen Lopetegui will form the following starting XI: Dmitrovic, Montiel, Gudelj, Kike Salas, Pablo Pérez, Delaney, Jordán, Papu Gómez, Ocampos, Suso and Iván.


Leicester’s confirmed XI: Iversen; Ricardo, Evans, Fly, Justin; Chestnut, Dewsbury-Hall, Ndidi, Madison; Barnes and Vardy.

6:00 p.m.

One hour to get the ball rolling at the King Power Stadium in Leicester!


Three hours to start Leicester – Sevilla!


Five hours before the start of football in England!

1:00 p.m.

Good evening! Welcome to Leicester v Sevilla live, Sevilla’s fifth pre-season friendly. Follow the best preview of the match here.

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