Fantastic price for the most balanced and complete smartwatch, 63 euros

This Amazfit device is elegant and sporty at the same time, and with crazy autonomy.

Fantastic price for the most balanced and complete smartwatch, 63 euros

If you are looking for a smartwatch in the market and not deciding on the large number of models What do you see, we will limit the search to one. This Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has just dropped in price to 89.90 63 euros what brand on Amazon. just composed your lowest price since its release.

Opportunities like this are not missed so if you are looking for something for yourself like if you want to have a detail with a person, this gift is an option with which you will always be right. You won’t be disappointed at all for its autonomy, its screen and its sports modes integrated, is one of the most complete smartwatches for less money, you’ll see.

Amazfit GTS2 Mini

Buy a complete watch for 63 euros

amazfit gts 2 mini price amazon

Gradual drop in the price of this complete and cheap Amazfit

The first thing that strikes about this Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is that, since the version a priori more complete than the Amazfit GTS 2 (and going through the Amazfit GTS 2e), there are not so many differences with this cheaper model. And it is that in this ‘mini’ version we have a 1.55 inch AMOLED panel high resolution, 450 nits of brightness and 2.5D curved glass of great visibility. We can customize to our liking with the 80+ themes of spheres available and the more than 60 patterns always on what we have to choose.

Amazfit GTS2 Mini

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is one of the watches of the moment to buy at this price

At the sensor level, we will be able to know heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, monitoring our sleep (including naps), followed by menstrual cycle and stress levels. All of this with built-in Alexa being able to set alarms, reminders, create shopping lists to follow them from the clock screen, or even control other devices in our home by talking to our Amazfit GTS 2 Mini.

It is a complete, light and beautiful watch.

The 220mAh battery of this Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has a range of approx. 14 full days on average. Concretely, we will have 7 days of intense use (Bluetooth and 24h heart rate sensor connected, a few oxygen measurements per day and 90 minutes of training) and 21 days of basic use, for those who will only use it to watch the time. By comparing it with the Xiaomi Smart Band 7we are facing one of the best autonomy of the moment for everything we can do with it.

If you are one of those who train daily or a few times a week, this is the watch for you if you do not want to spend the hundreds of euros that the top of the range Garmin and Fitbit cost. With this Amazfit you have more 68 sports modes pre-installed, with real-time tracking of all your movements and metrics. will give us a full report at the end every workout, and we can control the music from our watch.

Amazfit GTS2 Mini

And if you were wondering how light this watch gets, I’ll tell you what it has weighing only 19.5 grams (without strap), so it is at a very low level in this aspect. The touch of its curved glass when you use it is like using a 400 euro Apple Watch, but for a price 8 times cheaper. In addition, the thickness of this Amazfit is only 8.95mmbelow the 10mm that other watches typically have in higher price and performance ranges.

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