Epidemiologist Quique Bassat reveals why Spain has so many monkeypox cases: ‘We have to…’

Spain ranks second in the list of countries with the most monkeypox infections in the world. In fact, two people have already died as a result of diseases in our country. The epidemiologist explained this Saturday the reason for which these data were recorded and wanted to send a message of appeasement to the public.

The expert indicated on RTVE that “it is normal that we have more cases than other countries” because at the time when the virus began to appear, it developed in Spain “many super contagious events“. Furthermore, he reassured the public despite the fact that there have been two deaths in our country related to monkeypox, bringing the total to eight in the world. “We must reflect and think that the fatality rate linked to this infection remains extraordinary. weak, so not a cause for great concern.”


Bassat also ruled out this being the start of a new pandemic.“Let’s hope not. The characteristics of transmissibility are very different from those of covid and the risk of transmission from an index case is much lower.“. Regarding the measures to be adopted to avoid contagion, the epidemiologist assures that the recommendations of the SGD to stop the spread of the virus. “In the meantime, and in parallel, we need to vaccinate those at high risk,” he said.

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