CINE League of Supermascots (2022)

When the fate of the planet Krypton was decided, the famous scientist Jor-El managed to create a spaceship with which he sent his infant son to earth. Just before that ship took off, the family pup managed to sneak in and escort little Kal-El to this new world. Thus begins the story of Krypto, the super dog, and with him, the origin of the Super Pet League.


Over the past decade, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have sought to blast their characters into popular culture, and in recent years they’ve left behind trial-and-error projects to bring just about anything to the big screen. This situation has had many failures, but it has also had great achievements and the Super Pet League could be considered among them.

This production, directed by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, has behind it the teams that brought films like The Lego Batman Movie, Destroy it Ralph there storks, as well as wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in production. The result? A simple film, without ambitions, which attempts to tell us the adventure that Superman’s dog lives when he discovers that he is not everything in the life of the man of steel, when a new threat strikes the city of Metropolis.


In its simple story and even simpler characters, the movie goes out of its way to reference and poke fun at everything DC Comics, from the merchandise that’s been made from its heroes to themselves. Sometimes the jokes work, sometimes they don’t, but they serve to keep audiences interested in an otherwise fairly forgettable movie. Here I can’t deny that Batman’s interventions are too funny, Krypto’s father’s Spanish name is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a Warner animation, and a Cyborg-related gag just might to be the biggest nonsense and funny that has been seen in a DC Comics movie.

Regarding the voice acting, it is obvious that the production made full use of the celebrities who gave voice to their characters, and that in the original version they include Dwayne “The Rock Johnson, Kevin Heart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Diego Luna, Keany Reeves, Olivia Wilde, and Alfred Molina For the Latin-Spanish version, the voice cast is led by Alfonso Herrera, Alex Montiel, Michelle Rodríguez, and Verónica Toussaint, along with a few influencers to appeal to all sorts of audiences. dubbing work is quite good, too many jokes and jokes are lost in the spanish adaptation which are quite funny in its english version.

A final point to highlight is the film’s soundtrack, composed by Steve Jabonsky, who composed the music for films such as red notice and games like Gears of War 2 there 3. The original compositions made for this film are a bit more epic than you’d expect, but it also complements them perfectly with pieces from the soundtracks composed for the films of Superman (by John Williams), Batman (by Danny Elfman) and Wonder Woman (by Hans Zimmer).

The supermascot league that’s exactly what he offers, a family film, simple and fun. DC Comics fans will find the parodies and references hilarious, and the general public will enjoy them without issue…even if the English version is superior in more ways than one.

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