“Anabel Pantoja went to dust from ‘Let yourself be loved’

  • Toñi Moreno’s impressions after interviewing Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez.

  • Toñi Moreno: “If Yulen doesn’t understand the relationship between Anabel and Omar, let him see it.”

  • Toñi Moreno admits that he was very sorry to see Anabel and Omar crying.

Tony Moreno He was an indisputable witness to all that was experienced in the set of ‘Let yourself be loved’, in which Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez met again. In “It’s summer” We speak live with the presenter via video call, who reveals to us what she felt and what was not seen on TV. What do you think of what you witnessed? How do you judge the relationship between Omar and Anabel? What do you have to say to Yulen?

What Anabel Pantoja told Toñi Moreno when she left the set

One of the highlights of the program was when Anabel stood up and left the set. Something was cut? Toñi clarifies: “The program was recorded, but it was not played, it was a fake live, almost nothing was touched in the editing. When Anabel sees these images, she breaks completely. He told me “it’s very hard”. It was the first time she had met him since she had just ‘Survivors’. He is the first person he sees. He didn’t want to leave, it hurt him a lot to see these images with Omar. He still loves you.”

Toñi Moreno, in 'It's already summer'

Toñi Moreno, in ‘It’s already summer’telecinco.es

Toñi Moreno values ​​the relationship between Anabel and Omar

The collaborators discuss among themselves in this meeting there was feelings of guilt or maybe love and Toñi utters: “They didn’t hurt each other beyond what we saw, there was no harm. relationship 4 years have been very beautiful. Anabel explained it, fell in love with Yulen, We don’t know where we’re going in life… I think the two are at very different times. Omar guesses it’s over and Anabel came in fear of the harm I had done her. Will there be a second part? I don’t even think they know.”

But if the presenter is clear on anything, it’s the “elegance” of the two when it comes to maintaining their conversation: “I think both were excited not to give an ugly image. I think Omar knew to forgive things that hurt her and I sincerely believe that she wants the best for herself. The interview It had such an impact because there was so much truth to it. They were stylish because they loved each other and surely, behind the scenes, more things were being said.

Tony Moreno

Tony Morenotelecinco.es

The tears of Toñi Moreno after witnessing the moving meeting of Anabel and Omar

Tony he got excited witness of this moment and wants to clarify why: “Because I was really sorry because you do not reign over love, with whom you are in love… there would be no poetry, no songs, no art. You don’t have your feelings. Anabel, if she had a choice, she wouldn’t hurt Omar. I was sorry to see them suffer. The heartbreak it’s very fucking. Anabel she crumbled to dust because he told her he couldn’t be her friend, but feelings are like that… It takes time.

Message from Toñi Moreno to Yulen Pereira

We ask Toñi how he could react Yulen after what she went through on the set of ‘Let yourself be loved’ and, although the presenter considers that she is nobody to give tips, has something to say: “I am no one or an example of anything. But if Yulen can’t figure out that she wants Omar in her life, she has a maturity issue and I would tell her to show it to her.”

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