Ana Mena recalls her past on Canal Sur and her meeting with Almodóvar at the age of 13: “I went to his office” – Weekend

The singer Ana Mena remember this saturday COPE Weekend his beginnings in the world of music and theater and had moving words for his past in Channel On, Andalusian television, as well as on Telemadrid. The artist, originally from the Málaga town of Estepona, unveiled Rosa Rosado how he lived his meeting with the director Pedro Almodóvar, with whom he worked when he was only 13 years old.

I started singing very early, I don’t know when because I always remember myself as a singer, 7 years old I thinkThe singer commented on the weekend program this Saturday. After participating in the Sanremo Song Festivalthe artist recognizes that his mother instilled in him the love of music and his father, the Italian: “I have loved Italian music very much since I was a child, and my mother transmitted to me the fact of singing because she was a flamenco singer and my father always played music of all kinds for me, and in the end I feel a special attraction for the Italian”.

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