Alpine is scared and full of compliments to Fernando Alonso

    Fernando Alonso is in one of his best form, and arguably his finest moment since returning to Formula 1, reclaiming the consistency, race management and error-freeness that brought him fame in the over the past 20 years that the Asturian pilot treasures today.

    Renewal for 2023 in progress

    Despite being the oldest driver in the category, having just turned 41, Fernando manages to put Esteban Ocon in trouble, to put it mildly, because the pace of the race in certain periods is even hurtful. Fernando has gone from being a very successful driver to becoming the one who manages to get something special out of the car, although the overall points classification insists on showing something different, influenced excessively by reliability and penalties controversial.

    Luca de Meo himself started unnecessary controversy by appointing Piastri and the need to find a solution to his seats for 2023, with Alonso finding himself in an unusual situation, since no team has ever hidden the intention to continue to rely on Asturian cost whatever it takes. In fact, the inability to retain Fernando Alonso caused a revolution at Ferrari, including the departure of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

    Otmar Szafnauer didn’t help calm things down either, with ambiguous statements and unfortunate comments that made it seem like the Romanian was uncomfortable with Fernando’s presence and they came to a head when he said he wasn’t there when Alonso signed.

    Alpine’s attitude had an understandable component. The French team had the upper hand when it came to proposing a negotiation due to the lack of grid places. From the team’s point of view, they alone were an attractive option for Alonso since the big manufacturers had closed their rosters. And then Vettel.

    The German’s decision to withdraw at the end of the season has left a vacancy at a manufacturer which invests a lot of money in its facilities and which, although it currently looks less attractive than Alpine, has potential as well as money. necessary to be able to make a very competitive and appetizing offer for Asturians.

    Now yes, compliments without but

    That’s when Alpine’s fears entered and for the first time this season they bathed the Asturian in flattery with no buts. Alan Permane, an old acquaintance of the Asturian, claimed that Fernando is like a machine. “It gets better every weekend. He never stops trying, reinventing himself, learning. It’s a machine, inside and outside the car. Tirelessly.”said that of Alpine.

    Fernando declined to elaborate on his renewal negotiations, it’s unclear whether the sticking point is the length of the contract or the monetary amount, but it’s clear that Alpine now fears not only losing Fernando Alonso, but that he could go to a rival team, presumably direct.

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