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We bring you some of the mods we love the most to completely change the Bethesda game.

Image from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Ancient scrolls: Skyrim It has been on the market for over 10 years and its success remains undisputed. Proof of this is the constant work that the modding community puts into it. We’ve decided to bring together some of the best, and there’s everything from more realistic experiences to more up-to-date graphics. At player’s discretion.

Since 2011, we haven’t seen a new episode of the the elder scrolls saga. To put things into context: that same year, dark soulsand in 11 years the saga has evolved in different ways – from An axe until transmitted by blood– until you reach the Elden Ring. The Bethesda saga “doesn’t need it”: yes, because the sixth numbered part is already in development, but such is its success that even today, it continues to carry out barbarities and generate new interactions which means that interest in him never wanes.

Players who dedicate – literally – more than two years of life to the title; huge financial investments to play it down to the smallest detail; and virtual genocides to live in absolute peace are some of the feats achieved by Skyrim users. Without forgetting the mods: from Lord of the Rings to Borderlands, via Red Dead Redemption. We are here to talk about this phenomenon today, mods: we decided to collect some of the more realistic of the video game to, in case it seems very simple to you, complicate your existence a little within the game.

Cover basic needs

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

The journey through Skyrim is arduous and exhausting. Fighting, marches and accomplishing objectives is not an easy task. But you can add a extra difficulty: thanks to I need Dovahkiin will be able, like any human being, eat, drink and sleep to survive – apart from everything mentioned above, of course. The resources on the whole map are enough to survive, but we will have to pay more attention to it and have a biological “calendar” for the protagonist.

Something very similar can be done with the NPC. The non-playable characters of the fifth iteration of The Elder Scrolls are notorious for being far – and quite – out of their senses. There are many video clips in which they show relative intelligence. But thanks to Immersive Citizens we can make their behavior more realistic: they’ll eat too, they’ll sleep too, they’ll work, they’ll pray and they’ll do what they’re supposed to do all along: run away if you shoot an arrow in their head or uncross arms and try to survive if a dragon is dangerously close… Among other things.

Image from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Other game mods bet on keeping the protagonist alive, but in a different way. Far from preserving some of our vital functions, Frosted there Wet and cold they are simply betting on keeping us alive in the middle of the frozen field. How? Easy: enjoy the warmth of fires, torches or our spells. If we don’t, our movements will shrink until we’re frozen in no man’s land. The first is more aggressive than the second and requires another previous mod, Campfire -to establish camps and die a little less-, while the second, which also has difficulty, highlights more environmental effects such as water droplets or the mist of breaths.

a visual layer

Image from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Although Skyrim can be criticized with some reason for certain aspects of its gameplay, such as combat, attacking its graphic part is today unfair. The game is over 10 years old and released for a generation that has been left far behind in terms of technical facets. However, thanks to SKYRIM SE REENGAGED ENB You can give a touch of polish and refresh the look of the game through improvements to things like lighting, water movement, plant definition, and a long etcetera.

Image from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

The greatness of the game is also measured by the number of mods it has. And speaking of water, plants, lighting, etc., it is very striking that each element has its own clean and specific mod. Con Improved lights and special effects all the light in the game is changed to a new one; with Ultimate HD Fire a much more elaborate and realistic look is given to the fire; and thanks to Realistic Water Two, we will be able to see a totally renewed water that responds better to movement and interactions.

Despite the game being over a decade old, the consistent effort from the community itself only goes to show the affection and fury it has garnered. A sixth installment is required, as for Grand Theft Autobut given its current state, it is understood that the developers are delaying the launch until it reaches the height of its predecessor.

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