A man’s startling Twitter story of how he caught monkeypox: ‘You’re going to freak out’ – Society

It was in May when UK began to report several cases of contagion by the disease of the monkey pox. Since then, a large number of countries in Europe and the Americas have reported a wide variety of investigated and confirmed cases. Spain is currently the country with the most cases in recent months, at 4,298 according to theNational Epidemiological Surveillance Network (RENAVE). Among them is a tweeter, Mei Ritowho explained this week via a Twitter thread how he was infected with this new disease.

Through a Wallapop purchase

“Yesterday I was diagnosed with monkey pox. No, I haven’t been to any sex parties as the WHO says, and I haven’t gotten a tattoo either… You’ll freak out when you find out how I caught it.” In this way, he began to tell his experience. As he explains, a few weeks ago and due to the high temperatures that we are experiencing in our country, he decided to put the bike aside and opt for an electric scooter to get around. For it, “I contacted a guy towallapop and we made an appointment to check his condition”. Once there and after trying it “for fifteen minutes on the street”has accepted your purchase.

A few days later, a week to be precise, the Twitter user began to “have a fever and muscle aches”he therefore decided to have several PCRs, which were “all negative”. Yet he decided to work from home “In case”. That same Thursday and still with symptoms of discomfort, our protagonist decided to return to his place of work, for which he used his new acquisition, when he noticed that the tire pressure was not good. It’s time to contact the seller. It was then that the latter informed him that he was positive for monkeypox and the tweeter began to ask himself several questions. “Could it be that I was infected during a 15-minute contact during which we only greeted each other by shaking hands?wrote.

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