A man tells on Twitter how he was infected with monkeypox while buying a product from Wallapop: “You’re going to freak out”

Hardly had a truce arrived to digest the coronavirus pandemic, a disease which has frozen the world for two years and which is still giving its last breaths, when the planet faces a new epidemic: monkey poxwhich, although it does not have the same impact as covid-19, alerted the WHO and a large number of infections are recorded in many countries.

A condition that since the first reported cases has stigmatized the homosexual population, since at first they were announced as the only source of contagion. However, research has revealed that monkeypox can be spread in other ways, some more daily than others. As is the case of a man who revealed that he had been infected after buying a scooter in Wallapop.

“Yesterday I was diagnosed with monkey pox. No, I haven’t been to any sex parties as the WHO says, nor have I had a tattoo… You’re going to freak out when you find out how I caught, “explains Mei Rito, the infected person in question, on his Twitter account. The user tells the story of his intention to buy the scooter from his contagion.

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