Vettel to retire from F1 at the end of the 2022 season

    Sebastian Vettel will end his F1 career at the end of this season. The German, a four-time world champion in the competition, revealed this Thursday via his newly created Instagram account ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix that he will be leaving the big circus at the end of the season. Sebastian Vettel is the third most successful driver in F1 history: 53 wins, 57 poles, 122 podiums and 38 fastest laps. He has before him only Michael Schumacher, his idol, and Lewis Hamilton.

    A legendary past

    Vettel made his F1 debut at the 2007 United States Grand Prix in an appearance with BMW, before earning a mid-season promotion seat with Toro Rosso. The German became the youngest winner in F1 history in 2008 with Toro Rosso, when he won a wild ride at the Monza GP in the rain, before joining the ranks of Red Bull in 2009 to start its golden story. The pinnacle of its success came with the energy drink brand with Christian Horner and Adrian Newey as its main supporters, from 2010 to 2013 winning the world championship every year. Four world titles in six years possible (2009-2014).

    After making history and becoming the youngest driver to win a world championship and be world champion twice, breaking the record of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, Vettel went to the most successful team, Ferrari in 2015, and fought for the world title. Cup in two years: 2017 and 2018. He left great memories at Maranello, although his last season was uneventful, full of pressure from his mistakes in the years when he was able to fight for another title against Mercedes hegemony. At the end of 2020, he closed his stage dressed in red to join Aston Martin, with whom he would end his F1 career two years later.

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    A decision which, as the pilot indicates, was very difficult to make, but which I needed to reflect on, to see what was best. Being a father made him see things differently and his departure is linked to spending more time with his family. “Lhe decision to retire was difficult for me and I spent a lot of time thinking about it; at the end of the year, I want to take a little more time to think about what I’m going to focus on next; I’m very clear that as a father I want to spend more time with my family, but today is not about saying goodbye,” he said.

    My goals have gone from winning races and fighting for championships to watching my kids grow up. and transmitting values, helping them when they fall, listening to them when they need it, not having to say goodbye to them and above all, learning from them and letting them inspire me. Children are our future. Beyond that, I think there’s so much to explore and learn about life and about myself.” continued.

    He does not wish a farewell but to thank all the people with whom he shared a sports career for fifteen years. “It’s more about thanking everyone, especially the fans, without whose passionate support Formula 1 could not exist,” he explained.

    Regarding his best career, he admits that it is still to come and that he would like to take on new challenges..My best race? It’s yet to come. I believe in moving forward and turning the page. Time is a one-way street and I want to live by time. Looking back will only slow you down. I want to race on unknown circuits and I will find new challenges“, he assured.

    About the future and tomorrow, he does not know what will happen, even if he specifies that he still has at least one race to win. Speaking of the future, I think we live in very decisive times and I think how we all act in these years will decide our lives. “I think there is still one more race to win. I say goodbye and thank you for letting me share the track with you. I loved every second of it.“, finished Vettel to close his press release.

    For his team, Aston Martin, he also had words of thanks for these years together. “I have had the privilege of working with so many fantastic people in Formula 1 over the last 15 years, there are too many to mention and thank them. For the past two years I have been a driver for the Aston Martin team and although our results have not been as good as expected I am very clear that everything is in place for a team to have need to compete at the highest level. In the years to come.“, explained Vettel in his farewell.

    He believes the hard work will pay off in the future and wishes the best for his team. “ANDI hope that the work I did last year and continue to do this year will be useful in developing a team that will win in the future.” added the German.

    I really enjoyed working with such a large group of people. Everyone – Lawrence, Lance, Martin, Mike, senior staff, engineers, mechanics and the rest of the team – is ambitious, capable, knowledgeable, committed and friendly. , and I wish you all the best“, he concluded.

    Lawrence Stroll, owner of Aston Martin, thanked the German driver for all the work done over the years with the team. “I would like to thank Sebastian from the bottom of my heart for the great job he has done for Aston Martin over the past year and a half.“said the CEO and owner of the team.

    From the team they wanted him to continue but he decided to end his career. He asked for a competitive car, to fight for the top again and he saw that might not happen in the short term.

    We made it clear to him that we wanted him to be with us next year, but in the end he did what he thinks is right for him and his family and of course we respect that. He has driven some fantastic races for us and behind the scenes his experience and insights with our engineers have been invaluable.“, continued Lawrence Stroll.

    As he confesses that he is one of the greatest in the sport and they will bid him farewell to the height. “He is one of the greatest of all time in Formula 1, and it was a privilege to have worked with him. He will continue to race for us until the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and we will give him a fabulous start.“, concludes the press release.

    With the retirement of Sebastian Vettel, one of the banners of a fantastic era in F1 has gone. Vettel is a sports legend, there are only three drivers with more titles than him: Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher with seven injuries, and Juan Manuel Fangio with five. He is also tied with Alain Prost with those four World Cups. He was not only a driver who left great battles on the track, but also contributed with a huge commitment to social causes outside of it. A reference for new generations. The attrition of the last few years has been very high and he will recover everything he has lost outside of F1. Its place will remain for the memory and will occupy one of the tables of the room of competition.

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