two businessmen threaten to sue him

In Argentina we are talking about it Rafael Nadal and not for a sports question. Two businessmen from the South American country are threatening to sue and claim $10 million from the Spanish tennis player. They seek compensation for the alleged breach of an agreement to hold an exhibition match there.

The news relayed by the Argentine media is produced by Lisandro Borges y Arturo Alcahanbusiness partners who wanted to take Rafa Nadal to visit South America. They claim to have a contract signed by the tennis player’s manager, Charles Costawhich would be violated by leaving them “suspended” to negotiate with others.

Borges and his partner claim that if they don’t receive financial compensation from Rafa Nadal’s team, they will go to court to settle the case. Unexpected problems for the Spanish tennis player, who is preparing return to the tracks on the North American tour after his injury suffered in Wimbledon.

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The negotiations reportedly started in April: “One day, Nicolás Lapentti, a former tennis player and event organizer, called me because he had negotiated to take Rafael Nadal to Ecuador, also for his brother Giovanni to take him in Mexico, and there was a date on Chicago, but they needed a fourth date because Rafael Nadal for less than four dates did not come on the tour for which 2.5 million euros would be paid on each date. For less than 10 million he didn’t come on the tour,” Borges told NT.

The plan was to do a four-date tour in four different countries in America. But the quote from Chicago he fell, prompting Nadal’s manager to ask for an alternative. The businessmen defend that everything was progressing on their side, linking everything that had to do with the meeting in Argentina: it was even agreed that foalalready retired, would be his rival.

Tour with another promoter

Chile and Colombia are the countries that gained weight on the fourth date of the tour and, in the meantime, other files have been closed (interviews, press conference, welcome cocktail…). But suddenly, according to Borges’ version, Costa informed them that he had sold the four dates to another Argentinian promoter, Marcelo Figolito arrange a visit to Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

Borges, who also spoke at the Ole newspaper, assures that Nadal’s team has committed a breach of a sealed agreement. They have already started a complaint procedure: “We sent a documentary letter to Nadal and his mother – who manages his rights – for breach of rights, bad faith and damages, since they sold the same contract twice, with which we also had to criminally intimidate them, ”says the Argentine businessman in the aforementioned media.

Entre lo que defiende una parte y la otra, los empresarios señalan que el contrato se había prorrogado a la espera de fijar fechas y la parte de Nadal defiende que el acuerdo había expirado en abril/mayo y, por tanto, había via libre para negociar with others.

Borges announced in Ole his plans: “If we don’t agree on mediation, we will go to trial. I spoke with Costa, he admitted to asking us in writing for an extension and boasts that he did not sign it. Nadal signed a contract twice. We’re going to sue him for $10 million.” A thorny issue that threatens the harmony Nadal needs to keep fighting for the big titles.

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