Triumph and good feelings for Barça Atlètic in L’Escala

After a successful pre-season debut against the EU Jonquera (1-8), the Barca Atletico added a new triumph to his traditional visit to the field of FC L’Escala (0-4) and showed good feelings. The technique Raphael Marquez he remakes two teams and surprises at the start by placing Ilias like a false nine. Astralaga started under sticks; Álvaro Núñez, Arnau Casas, Chadi and Alex Valle they trained in defence; Alvaro Sanz, Fermin and Aranda They played in the middle and Saidou Bah y Juanda They occupied the bands.

The azulgrana subsidiary was the big dominator in possession, but didn’t end up generating clear danger chances against the home goal. Taking advantage of the hydration break, Mark changed position to Ilias and placed at Saidou Bah as a reference. The bet went perfectly and the Guinean scored two goals before the break. He first took advantage of a large center of Juanda from the left then benefited from poor clearance from the center back Leave to make the 0-2 with which the intermission was reached.

Debut with a goal from Roberto

After going through the changing rooms, Mark changed eleven and Barca Atletico kept control of the ball, preventing L’Escala from disrupting the new signing’s goal Nil Ruiz. Who made his debut was the striker Robert, on loan from Malaga, and in one game he showed what he is capable of. attended for the first time Alba to score the third goal, then switched roles with the talented midfielder to score the fourth goal with a subtle vaseline. In the second half, we must also highlight the performance of Carbonella as pivot, showing his experience. With the second victory of the pre-season assured, the Barca Atletico He will continue to work and on Sunday (7 p.m.) he will face CE Manresa to continue his preparation.

FC L’Escala: Nacho; Zou (Alex, 46′), Abde, Quimo (Galder, 46′), Pol Bastidas, Nfamoussa (Marc Marí, 46′); Maha (Karim, 46′), Pep Vergara, Marçal (Peter, 46′), Henry (Ossama, 46′); and Ignasi (Bruno Müller, 46′).

Barca Atletico: Astralaga (Nil Ruiz, 46′); Alvaro Nunez (Rosanas, 46′), Arnau Casas (Diounkou, 46′), Chadi Riyad (Mika Marble, 46′), Alex Valley (Ndiaye, 46′); Alvaro Sanz (Carbonell, 46′), Fermin (Aleix, 33′, Emre Demir, 63′), Aranda (Txus Dawn, 46′); Saidou (Fabio, 46′), Ilias (Robert, 46′) and Juanda (Josep, 46′).

Goals: 0-1, Saidou (37′); 0-2, Saidou (45+1′); 0-3, Txus Alba (76′); 0-4, Roberto (83′).

spectators: 400 in the Municipal Nou Miramar.

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