This Madrid startup has just made 250 million euros of investment. His proposal, to be the future of online advertising

More than 250 million euros (the exact amount was not specified) obtained the Spanish Seedtag in a financing round, only ten months after a new capital increase by which it realized 40 million dollars. This time he went hand in hand with investor Advent International.

A cumulative investment of nearly 300 million euros to continue to develop and improve the heart of the company: its contextual intelligence technology for advertising purposes. Above all, to strengthen its presence in the United States, once it has conquered the European and Latin American markets.

Seedtag, headquartered in the center of Madrid and ten other offices around the world, works on solutions for contextual advertising using Artificial Intelligence and without resorting to cookies, essential fact when looking towards a horizon without cookie What, even though Google delayed from time to time, it is inevitable, in addition to being accompanied by the tightening of the rules, that the arrival of the GDPR Four years ago.

The company was founded in 2014 by two former Google employees, Albert Nieto and Jorge Poyatos. Working for the Mountain View company, they decided to start their own company: Coming from Alphabet, the idea of ​​combining Artificial Intelligence with online advertising was natural.

Filling the void of the future without cookie

One of the messages that Seedtag launches to define its proposal is “We integrate your messages [publicitarios] where your consumers are looking”. For this activity, Seedtag uses a machine learning engine, LIZ, which analyzes 10,000 articles per minute in order to understand what exactly each one is talking about. Combine text and image to categorize them and thus decide the type of ad to display in each content.

In an example documented by Seedtag on your business website we can see how it analyzes an image to determine what elements appear in it and with what importance to the viewer.

Publish Seedtag 2

Ad types based on location and format that Seedtag can decide automatically.

In addition to the type of ad to display, you can also decide where to insert it. In an image, in a video, appearing floating in the bottom frame of the screen or as banner traditional in the text of the article.

According to their own numbers, this integration increases both ad attention span and brand preference in contextual content.

Among its clients are media and publishing groups such as Marca, Vanity Fair, Sky Sport or Forbes; and large companies such as Microsoft, Heineken, Nestlé or Renault.

Ad targeting without tracking

With Seedtag, these companies can advertise in these media without having to use the cookies for show your advertisement only to users potentially interested in your products or that match, in demographics or interests, your audience of interest. Ad targeting without tracking.

The gap that opens the transition to a future without cookies gives wings to companies like Seedtag, who position themselves there to continue to offer results by adapting to the new rules. The cookies of the past are giving way to the Artificial Intelligence of the future.

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