The tragic and mysterious sudden death of the son of a close friend of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The Zaifens in a family photo
The Zaifens in a family photo

The nine-year-old son of former model Kelly McKee Zajfen, a close friend of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, He was found “unconscious” at his home. there the cause of his death remains a mystery, British media reported on Wednesday.

The death of Georges Zajfen It was a complete shock to his parents, who now awaiting autopsy resultsa close family friend told the newspaper Daily mail.

Zajfen42, announced the death of her son George on Instagram on Friday and she wrote that she would try to move on for the sake of her twin sister Lilywho has heart disease and uses a pacemaker.

“My world is shattered into a million pieces. I have little ability to breathe. Walk. Function. sit down stop me You were the light of my life. Your smile made the room so bright and your heart was the most perfect and sweet. You left this Earth and left behind so many people who loved you. I don’t know how I can continue. How do I function,” the woman wrote.

“How can I be the light and find joy again, but I will try. I will do my best for your beautiful twin sister. I can’t understand any of this.”

Kelly McKee Zajfen is a close friend of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Meghan met Zajfen through her ex-husband Trevor Engelson, who is a friend of the former model’s husband, the entertainment lawyer Julian Zajfen.

After the boy’s death, Meghan and Harry donated $5,000 on behalf of their children Archie and Lilibet at a fundraiser GoFundMe created to cover funeral expenses, launched the same day by a friend of the family.

Harry and Meghan were also in contact with the Zajfens thanks to the former model’s role as the founder of Alliance of Momsa Los Angeles-based nonprofit that works to support pregnant teens and new mothers in the foster care system.

George Zaifen with his mother in a photo from three months ago (Instagram)
George Zaifen with his mother in a photo from three months ago (Instagram)

Other famous friends of Zajfen paid tribute to George in their Instagram post, including the ‘Buffy’ star. Sarah Michelle Gellar and the actresses Minka Kelly there Jamie Lynn Siegler.

The causes of the child’s death remain a mystery.

A family friend, who asked not to be identified, told the Daily Mail: “George had no heart problems that they knew. Nobody knows what happened at that time. They are still awaiting the results of the autopsy.”

The family had just returned from a trip to France where they had explored the Dordogne in the west and enjoyed a boat trip on the Seine in Paris.

In an emotional post, less than a month before George’s death, her mother wrote how she asked to enjoy more sunsets.

Along with a photo showing George and his sister Lily sitting on the grass and smiling, Zajfen said: “George told me he needed more sunsets. Lily said she needed more sugar. I combined the two and voila! A sunset picnic with a sugar table and lots of laughs. It’s so simple. I’m taking note because I can definitely make it happen at home.”

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