The Spice That Helps Relieve Arthritis Symptoms and Improve Circulation

The use of natural remedies to help alleviate illnesses is becoming more and more frequent and one of those that has gained prominence is cinnamon, an aromatic spice, widely used in gastronomy, to which a series of health benefits for the body.

According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, cinnamon is an important source of nutrients and stands out for its content of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and potassium, in addition to vitamins A, B6 and C, fiber and carbohydrates.

This spice is said to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer properties, according to information from the wellness and health portal Tua Saúde.

Therefore, regular consumption can help “protect the body from cardiovascular disease, control type 2 diabetes and maintain body weight.” These benefits are due to the fact that cinnamon contains a variety of phenolic compounds and aldehydes that play an important role in health, with cinnamaldehyde being the main component and the one responsible for the characteristic flavor of cinnamon,” the aforementioned source states. .

The Better Health portal assures that the antioxidant components of cinnamon have an anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce the risk of disease and cites a study published in food and function, suggesting that its organic extracts have anti-inflammatory activity. This could help relieve symptoms caused by conditions such as arthritis.

“It also contains among its components volatile oils (melatonin and coumarin), which are thought to have thermal effects on the body that could help alleviate the symptoms generated by this disease,” said the aforementioned source.

One of the ways to use it is to take it alone as an infusion in the morning or to mix it with honey, a food also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity, which can be useful for the prevention of chronic inflammatory processes. . .

To prepare the drink, you just need to mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of hot water and drink it in the morning and in the afternoon, for several days.

for circulation

Cinnamon tea can also help maintain cardiovascular health. According to Tua Saúde, “The active components of cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid are cardioprotective due to their anti-inflammatory property and their ability to produce nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes the arteries and facilitates blood flow”.

In addition, according to the same source, cinnamon exerts effects on fat metabolism, which is why it helps to reduce total cholesterol and LDL, called “bad cholesterol”.» and triglycerides, thus reducing the risk of plaque formation on the walls of the arteries, preventing diseases such as heart attacks or strokes, by facilitating the circulation of blood.

Other benefits

Some research has concluded that consuming this spice could help improve insulin levels in the body. This hormone is responsible for facilitating the passage of glucose from the blood to the cells so that they can convert it into energy. This process helps regulate sugar levels, for the benefit of people with diabetes.

Additionally, cinnamon is said to aid in weight loss if consumed as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Better with Health cites a meta-analysis published in Clinical Nutrition, who found that the complementary consumption of cinnamon promotes the control of obesity.

Although it is a natural product, the consumption of cinnamon has some contraindications that should be paid attention to.. For example, it is not recommended for people with diabetes who take insulin, nor for pregnant women, and an excess of cinnamon could damage the liver because it can potentiate the side effects of certain drugs.

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