SURVIVORS WINNER | The public has spoken: this will be the winner of Survivors 2022 according to the polls

The Survivors program faces its home stretch. And it does so with many celebrities at the gates of winning the most important program of the Fuencarral channel. It is not in vain that it is the only one that these days has given joy in terms of audience after several months that Telecinco has lost the battle in front of the antenna 3.

Among the favorite candidates to win is Nacho Palau, the ex of Miguel Bosé who was one of the favorites from the start. Many claimed that he would give a lot of play for his dual role as a famous and, at the same time, a famous ex. But there are also those who do not support it. Several Save me Deluxe commentators asked yesterday during the debate they did on the show that the winning contestant be expelled. “It’s too fake, he cries all day” assured Belén Ro, one of the country’s best-known reality TV commentators. His opinion was widely followed on social networks. And even applauded.

After the deletion of Anabel Pantoja, the competitors faced the latest nominations from the edition. Ignacio de Borbón appointed Nacho Palau, and the exes of Miguel Bosé and Marta Peñate named him. “I have to apologize to her at this point for taking away the opportunity to be in the very last final, but I’m sorry, I love Marta a lot, I think we like each other and we love each other “, the former participant of ‘The island of temptations’. “I’m sorry, uncle, my name is Nacho Palau,” Alejandro apologized to his partner. Thus, Marta Peñate became the program’s second finalist.

A year more, Lara Alvarez gave way to the closing of the Palapa: “The big moment has arrived. For us it has become a real ritual. It’s the closing of the Palapa. It is for us a moment of pride, of balance, of satisfaction for a job well done and also of joy because we are going home. Our adventure ends, but above all his adventure”, began by saying the host.

“The awards and the leader’s necklace were his great prize. He did not stop fighting in every game, in every test that was put before him. He knew how to put a smile on the problems and knew how to defend his position despite who weighs it. Ignacio, you have taken up your challenge”, congratulated Lara, the youngest of the edition.

But today Mediaset conducted a survey on their Twitter account to find out who people think will be the winner of the current edition of Survivors. The result surprised many voters, as it appears the crowd favorite “didn’t come out.” The poll gives Marta Peñate the big winner, with 51.7% of the vote. They are followed by Alejandro Nieto, with 29.9%, Ignacio de Borbón, with 11.1% and Nacho Palau, with only 7.3%. “I’m quite surprised with the current voting result… Do you want to make Marta the winner? Because seeing this week’s videos, it looks like you’re promoting it…”, says a user of the blue bird social network .

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