Summary and goals of L’Escala-Barça Atlètic (0-4), belonging to the friendly match of the 2022-2023 season

07/28/2022 at 09:41 PM


The Barca subsidiary ended their visit to L’Escala with a resounding 0-4

The Mexican coach stuck to the 4-3-3 throughout the 90 minutes

Barça Atlètic continues to be soft in pre-season. after getting a resounding victory against La Jonquera (1-8)the students of Raphael Marquez won another victory, this time against L’Escala (0-4). In an eleven that had a lot of youthful presence, Saidou Bahauthor of two goals, shone above the lot in the first half. Alba there Robert Fernandezwith a sensational Vaseline, completed the victory.




The scale

Nacho, Nfamoussa, Pol Bastidas, Abde, Quimo, Marçal, Pep Vergara, Henry, Maha, Zou and Ignasi. Àlex, Galder, Marc Marí, Karim, Peter, Ossama and Bruno Müller also played.

Barca Atletico

Astralaga; Alvaro Nunez, Maisons, Chadi Riyad, Alex Valley, Alvaro Sanz, Saidou Bah, Fermin, Akhomach, Aranda and Juanda. Also playing: Nil Ruiz; Rosanas, Ndiaye, Mika Marble, Fabio, Diounkou, Roberto, Aleix, Carbonell, Josep and Txus Alba.


0-1 M. 37 Bah. 0-2 M. 45 Bah. 0-3 M. 76 Txus Dawn. 0-4 M. 82 Robert.


Adrià Ballesteros (Catalan)

The first opportunity of the meeting bore the signature of Barça. fermin topped several lines with a filtered pass to leave Juanda one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The Colombian striker tried to cross fire, but Nacho he went big to neutralize the attempt. From this occasion, the students of Rafa Márquez stopped taking the lead.

L’Escala began to prowl regularly in the Barça areaand that insistence was rewarded with a triple chance that nearly ended in a goal. Astralaga he made two saves in a row, but couldn’t ward off the danger from his box. The third local attempt came with the Barça goalkeeper already beaten, but Alex Valley appeared to kick the ball beyond the lime line

The Barca subsidiary was on the ropes, but its reaction was sudden. In a play retracing that of the first occasion, Juanda he planted himself against the goalkeeper again. This time, the Colombian chose to attend Bah, of which he finished with pleasure to release the electronics. Own Bah took advantage of the defense’s indecision to score the second goal on his private account in the last breath of the first half.

The arrival of the second act implied a complete change of actors, but not of the idea. Rafa Márquez made 11 one-shot changes but stuck to the 4-3-3 he started with. Robert Fernandez He was able to increase Barca’s income, but he wasn’t able to put enough force on his shot.

When the endgame was promised placid, the azulgranas pressed the accelerator again. Alba won his back to his mark and defined from close range to extend the advantage, while Robert Fernandez dared with a Vaseline to close the mail.

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