Serpent Moon is coming, the biggest event yet in Hunt: Showdown

Join the biggest event in Hunt history: Showdown now and get all the rewards!

Today begins the biggest event of Hunt: Confrontation since its launch, moon snake, which adds new gameplay content, new story bits, adds the legendary hunter Viper, and much more.

The Serpent Moon Event It will last 60 days and end on September 25.which introduces a plague of deadly supernatural serpents in the game, they will appear all over the swamp. Players will aim to capture them and sacrifice them at the various altars available. These huge snakes will not hesitate to attack hunters who approach too loudly. Thus, players will have to choose between getting higher rewards by collecting and sacrificing snakes from available altars (thus getting more event points), or getting less event points by destroying them as soon as they are found. .

To be able to face the snakes, hunters can equip themselves with three new event traits: Zoomorphy it will help them get closer to the snakes without being seen; Snake will increase the distance at which sacrifices can be made and poison detection, which will allow you to identify nearby players who are poisoned using Dark Vision. Players will also receive rewards for investigating event clues, killing bosses, and more.

During the event, players will receive rewards such as weapons and blood bonuses as well as they will be able to follow the story that started with the last event: Traitor Moon. As events unfold during the Serpent Moon event, audiobooks will be released on Hunt’s social media channels and popular streaming platforms. Thus, all the followers will be able to know how the story unfolds.

All players who participate in the Serpent Moon event will be able to play with the new legendary hunter, Viper. For the first time in Hunt, this unique character will visually evolve through different phases as the game progresses. The number of stages of evolution of Viper will depend on the path chosen by the players. A new system is also introduced with the new Battle Pass called Golden Path, which will allow players to choose between the options: free, standard and premium.

The free option offers two stages of progression for the Viper, the new fighter that comes with this update, as well as the chance to get bonus blood and weapons for the duration of the event. The standard version of the Golden Path Battle Pass will offer all the rewards of the free version and four Viper evolutions, as well as weapons, rewards and blood bonuses. The Golden Path Premium Tier gives you all the rewards from the Free and Standard Tiers plus 3,000 Event Points to help you progress through the Battle Pass faster. Whichever version of the Battle Pass they choose, all players are guaranteed two new weapons: the Romero 77 Shotgun and the Spark Pistol.

All players will be able to get up to 11 rewards during the 60 days of the Serpent Moon event. Included are power-ups, blood bonuses, and different weapons such as the Antosha Modified Caldwell Chain Gun and the Vetterli 71 Silenced Rifle. Players who choose the standard and premium Golden Path Battle Pass will also receive 17 other rewards, including the antidote Protective Snake Oil and the legendary Winfield M1873 rifle.

Next to the Serpent Moon event a bundle of the same name is also released which includes the DLC: “They Came from Salem” and the new DLC “The Prescient Night”, where players playing as hunters will receive event point multipliers and new legendary weapons. Players will receive even more multipliers for the event thanks to the three new event traits they can activate with Mr. Chary’s new bounties.

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