Ryanair crew strike | Ryanair strike ends with 319 cancellations and 3,700 delays after twelve days

The Spanish cabin crew (TCP) strike Ryanair ends this Thursday with a total of 319 cancellations and approximately 3,700 delays throughout the twelve days of July, as reported by the convening unions.

In addition, the flight manager of the USO-Air sector, Ernesto Iglesias, regretted that the end of the call was settled with 11 crew members dismissed as “selective reprisals against workers for exercising their right to strike”.

Iglesias also assured that This Thursday there was a meeting between Ryanair, the unions and the Labor Inspectorate andn regarding “the company’s strikebreaking practices“, in which “the inspector harshly criticized the airline’s appeal” and for which he believes that it “will be severely punished”.

Concretely, the twelfth day of strike until 7 p.m. this Thursday caused a total of 280 delays (126 in departure operations and 154 in arrivals), but it did not cause any cancellations.

The The most affected airfield is that of Palma de Mallorca, with a total of 72 delays (32 departures and 40 arrivals). They are followed by Barcelona-El Prat, with 15 delayed departures and 28 arrivals, Madrid, with 14 departures and 19 arrivals, and Alicante, with 14 departures and 12 arrivals. The other airports also experienced delays in their operations.

This Wednesday, USO and Sitcpla, the unions that represent Ryanair’s cabin crew, called for another strike at the airline from August 8 to January 7, 2023, both inclusive.

The new strike consists of 24-hour work stoppages, Monday through Thursday, each week. The unions point out that Ryanair “has not shown the slightest attempt at approach” with them, but has publicly affirmed its refusal to engage in any dialogue with the representatives chosen by its crew, as indicated in a press release.

For him, they were “forced” to continue the strike and call new days. This new call to strike at Ryanair responds to workers’ demands on the application of the legal minima of Spanish labor and union law to all cabin crew who provide their services on Ryanair aircraft and at the ten bases. Spanish.

In addition, they demand the immediate reinstatement of the eleven workers dismissed in previous appeals in June and July for supporting the strike, considered a constitutional right. And, third, they are demanding the suspension and dismissal of all sanction cases opened to approximately 100 workers due to the previous stoppages.

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