Real Murcia will be registered in the first RFEF this Friday

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has released a statement stating that Real Murcia is not yet correctly registered in the first RFEF once the official team registration period for official competitions at the state level has ended.

In this communication, it was also notified that the Grana team would have “five working days from notification of this resolution to correct deficiencies for proper registration” in the category.

However, Real Murcia’s registration is guaranteed, sources from the Football Federation of the Region of Murcia (FFRM) tell this newsroom. The Grana Club, to finish formalizing said registration I should make a deposit of 100,000 euros. This economic amount is a novelty to formalize the registration for First RFEF with which they did not have in the Murcian directive.

The big problem was that Real Murcia I needed a credit guarantee and a deposit, which is “an insurance that arises from the obligation to offer a guarantee of compliance with certain obligations and to protect itself against the default of its debtors”. The Royal Murcia He would have already obtained this credit and surety guarantee through a third party and he would have already been certified by the FFRM. According to RFEF regulations, the Federation of Murcia could not guarantee the amount on its own, so Real Murcia needed an external credit to be able to formalize the registration, which It will become official tomorrow if there is no problem. This will be the case when the RFEF receives the certificate from the FFRM.

What happens if the credit and bond guarantee fails?

There shouldn’t be a problem then. the FFRM already has the money in its domains and has informed the RFEF. In the event that this form of payment is refused, Real Murcia will have to formalize the registration in the First Federation on its own behalf. That is to say deposit the 100,000 euros from their own coffers.

It’s a formula that we try to avoid, because if that happened, the Grana team would have that money immobile throughout the season.

The registration of Real Murcia took longer than expected. In reality, It is the only club of the 40 which is not yet correctly registered with the First RFEF. There shouldn’t be any major concerns, as Real Murcia have sufficient cash to face the payment of 100,000 euros on their own, even if it is a formula that we have tried to avoid so as not to harm the season accounts.

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