Real Madrid: Davide Ancelotti, much more than Carlo’s son

VSdeceived as if they were hiding the secret formula of the Coke the workouts in Wadebebas, the opening at UCLA to the media present in the tour introduced a new-old world to the journalists. In this realm of the unknown, there is much to watch and listen to, for example the involvement and influence of Davide Ancelotti (Parma, 1989), much more than Carlo’s son.

One of the first times when this was clearly seen was in December, six months after his return to Real Madrid and four after the start of the season. Suddenly, in the preview of the derby of the Santiago BernabuDavide approached Benzema. It’s not that Karim needs guidelines, but since knowledge doesn’t take up space, the second coach explained to him how Atl├ętico’s defense is crumbling and how deadly it would be to put himself a few meters away. At minute 12, with 0-0, vinicius He ran, raised his head, read the movement of the “9” and sent him a ball with his destination written on it, the net: 1-0.

Davide, much more than the son of Carlo Ancelotti

Pre-season leaves similar streaks, discovering a Davide in control and intense to the point of, papers in hand, asking Carlo to pass the balls to him for a drill. The “Play!”, “Two Keys!”, “Pressure!” they are the background music of this future conductor. The outside observer could ensure that the second coach is the first and the first, the second. And everyone is so happy, because the connection between the staff is almost perfect and natural, with other personalities such as Luis Llopisgoalkeeping coach, with voice.

Few remains of the Davide who first walked on the City of Real Madrid, in 2013 as an assistant physical trainer. The main thing resists, they are delighted with him in the offices, that of a tireless professional, used to spending 12 hours a day there. Always in the footsteps of his father, who as a footballer and on the blackboard discovered all the interiorities of football, before having paved the way in the career of the PSG.

Later, at Bayern, promoted to Carlo’s right hand, his position from there until his father retired, presumably after finding himself in the real Madrid. They took advantage of him at Napoli and Everton, where he became the second-youngest manager in Premier League history.

There are two keys, explain several Real Madrid footballers, so that no door has been resisted by this sports science graduate with a very weighted thesis in Metabolism in the functional evolution of elite soccer players: youth and languages. With his spark, acting like a good cop but also knowing how to set limits, he goes to the locker room and loses the label of the boss’s son; fluency in Italian, French, Spanish and German (Bayern even bragged about their level on social media) and English makes it easy to communicate with everyone.

In April, he lived a strange day, unable to supply Carlo, positive in coronaviruswithout a license UEFAPRO. His diploma was inferior, but obtained as the best of his class. In this context, at the end of 2021, he had given a conference to the coaches of the UEFA course in the Federation, breaking down his Real Madrid.

Davide, who with his boots went up to Primavera in Milan and tried his luck on loan in Serie D, is going through a very smooth stage in all areas. In June, he married the Andalusian artist Ana Galocha, With whom do you have two children? Lucas and Leonard.

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