Muse is selling 15,000 tickets at a single price of 65 euros

Muse is set to be the star concert of the summer, but also the most controversial. 15,000 tickets will be on sale, 9,000 for the stands and 6,000 for the track, with a single price of 65 euros.

There are 10,000 seats less than the minimum capacity they originally said was needed to bring the group. On the part of the Xunta, the main sponsor of the event included in the concerts of Xacobeo, they assured that it was a requirement of the promoter, ZircoZine, who in turn blames the works of Balaídos for this capacity reduction. “The stadium is not ready to accommodate 25,000 spectators, in the next few weeks some small interventions included in the security plan will be carried out, which will eventually increase the capacity between 3,000 and 4,000 additional spectators, but it is something thing that I cannot guarantee until you have the technical study; Now the maximum that we can guarantee one hundred percent is put up for sale”, said Farruco Castromán, head of the promoter, in statements to Atlantic. He acknowledged that this reduction had an impact on ticket prices. With that capacity, a full house will mean a box office of around €1m, which is on top of the €1.2m granted by the Xunta as the sponsorship would make hiring the Briton viable.

With tickets at the same price, the selection will depend on which ones sell out first. Today, each Celta subscriber will be able to have four pitches out of a total of 5,000 in presale. The club’s board of directors will offer them to its members and those interested will receive a code for tomorrow, when the virtual ticket office opens, they can confirm the reservation by making the payment. Those that have not been purchased will be added to the remaining 10,000 for the general sale. The accolade sparked criticism on social media shortly after they met.

The main stage will be located in the Marcador stands, currently under construction. According to ZircoZine, depending on their pace, this will free up more or less space. “The stage occupies a lot, it’s spectacular with an important sound and light system, typical of a great production”, he declared.

Carlos Cao, del Celta;  Marta Fernández Tapias and Farruco Castromán, ayer, in Balaidos.
Carlos Cao, del Celta; Marta Fernández Tapias and Farruco Castromán, ayer, in Balaidos.

Years and years y The Killers Barbies, los teloneros

The evening will begin at 8:00 p.m. with a performance by The Killers Barbies and Years & Years, an hour later. Muse will do it at 10:15 p.m., recovering Balaídos for great concerts, which had not happened for 21 years, with Alejandro Sanz. Seven years ago, she lived her golden age as a musical scene with Madonna or the Rolling Stones. “The Muse concert is a reality for all unbelievers, it is a pride and a pleasure to announce it today”, declared the regional delegate of the Xunta, Marta Fernández Tapias: “It will be the best concert of Vigo, but also from Xacobéo”. Yesterday’s presentation was also attended by Carlos Cao, director of the business sector of Celta, who highlighted the concert of Muse “as a taste of the celebration of the centenary of the club “. No representative of the local government was present, who said he did not know about the press conference. “No one asked permission from the city council, the only thing we know is that Balaídos is a municipal stadium which, by the way, is under construction,” they pointed out.

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