mark their lowest level in the last two months

petrol and diesel They fell again over the past week until recording average prices of 1,754 and 1,733 euros per liter -applying the government’s 20 cent discount-, stwo-month lows at the gates of the start of the operation from the month of August.

In addition, according to data published this Thursday by the European Union (EU) Oil Bulletinwhich includes the average price recorded in more than 11,400 service stations In Spain, between July 19 and 25, the price of the two fuels drops below the bar of 2 euros per liter even if the public discount is not applied.

With these values, the cost of gasoline has decreased by 3.9% over the past seven days, while diesel is 2.2% cheaper than a week ago.

Thus, gasoline marked in the last seven days its lowest price since the penultimate week of May, when was paid 1.74 euros per litre, while diesel hasn’t been so cheap since early June, when it stood at 1,716 euros.

Both fuels are also below the prices recorded at the end of March, when the government established the 20 cents bonus per liter for all consumers.

In addition, if the obligatory discount established by the government is excluded, gasoline would go from 2 euros per liter for the first time in two months, with an average price of 1,954 euros; while diesel falls below this barrier for the second consecutive week, settling at 1,933 euros.

Behind the high levels that petrol and diesel have continued to record since the start of the year is mainly the rising oil pricesa trend which has been reversed in recent weeks and which is gradually beginning to affect the final price of fuel.

To cushion the impact that the rise in gasoline and diesel prices a on citizens, the government has extended until the end of the year the premium of 20 cents per liter of fuel for all consumers.

Between 19 and 21 euros more expensive than in January

The escalation in the prices of the two fuels has pushed up the price of gasoline increased by about 19% since the beginning of the year, compared to the 29% that diesel has become more expensive.

At current prices, filling an average 55 liter tank with petrol is slightly more than 96 euros, while with diesel it amounts to 95 euros, which means pay about 19 euros more than at the beginning of 2022 if petrol is used, and 21 euros if diesel is chosen.

However, thanks to the government bonus, consumers are save about 11 euros when filling a tank of this type, whether gasoline or diesel.

Despite the historically high values, the price of both fuels in Spain – once the discount has been applied – remains below the European average, which, according to EU statistics, amounts to 1,879 euros per liter of gasolineand 1,902 euros for diesel.

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