Leclerc and Vettel’s gesture after the accident in France

    Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were teammates at Ferrari in the 2019 and 2020 seasons, at a crucial time in both drivers’ careers and one of the toughest for the team in its history. Now, on Sebastian’s surprising announcement to leave F1 at the end of the year, Leclerc has taken a moment to talk about his former team-mate.

    Changes over the years

    First, the Monegasque spoke about his relationship with the German, since their paths crossed in 2019: “Our relationship has evolved over the years“Charles opened in his statement, “I came the first year and obviously I was super impressed and I think it was probably very strange with Seb, because he was shy and didn’t know what to say when I was with himsays Leclerc, who remembers his first steps dressed in red, alongside a very established and experienced teammate whom he contested for the position from day one.

    But now he’s a friend and he texts me often, like he did after Sunday.revealed the young man from Ferrari about one of the usual and invisible gestures that Vettel usually maintains with his entourage, who often, given the German’s secrecy, are not known.

    Words of Support at a Decisive Moment

    The Monegasque has never ceased to be very grateful for the various marks of support he received in days as dark as those experienced after his accident at Paul Ricard: “Some of them did. Especially those [pilotos] more experience”adds the title contender this 2022.

    In the end, nothing helps me stop at my mistake or dwell on this mistake. I made that mistake, it cost me a lot of points. I know that and that’s it» continues Charles who recognizes with realism that in the end, it is about him, his mistake, his possibilities, and nothing more.

    Returning to Vettel’s withdrawal and his relationship with the German driver, Leclerc praised Sebastian’s personality and the good relationship he has with the four-time champion: “[Vettel] always tries to make me feel better when I’m going through a tough time. So it’s good to see how much we’ve grown since I met him”, as a sign of the improved treatment of the two after the abrupt 2019, when Vettel was clearly overtaken by a much more competitive newcomer from the first races and the internal duel that entailed.

    Finally, Leclerc described the Aston Martin driver’s farewell as “sad”: “Maybe he’ll be much happier where he’s going now. But obviously it’s going to be weird not seeing Seb in the Paddock. I learned a lot to drive with him and he was always very nice to me.“, confides a grateful Charles Leclerc to finish, and who wishes him the best for the future, before the new life which opens for his friend.

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