Juan Ibáñez and Damián Mollá, alias ‘Trancas y Barrancas’: “We have the best job in the world: we ask what a presenter could not ask for” | icon

Like two children playing under the table, Juan Ibáñez and Damien Molla they give life to two insolent dolls, Trancas and Barrancas, the most famous ants in the country. The comedy duo tackle the anthill 16, although their friendship predates television. They met at university and since then they have several projects together: a musical group, a caganers, a live show and an audiovisual production company. Their last adventure was to be route guides Distill what is ours, organized by Whiskey DYC, to rediscover the city of Madrid through little-known stories. Moreover, they reveal that they plan to release a new show next January.

Would you rather be under the table the anthill or working in the street looking people in the eye? Everything has its advantages. It’s very cool to do the DYC route because you discover secret stories of places that you have passed a thousand times and never realized. For example, the story of the tunnels connected to a convent and that the king went under the city to do evil. It’s fun there salseo. But really be under the table the anthill It’s the best job in the world, because there we can do evil ourselves. And if the politicians come, ask them things. There are things that a normal presenter couldn’t do. We give voice to the thoughts of the spectator and we have a good time, we do a lot of hooliganism.

During the program, they are on their knees? Do you only see people’s ankles? Fortunately, we are seated, but it is also hard on the back. There was a time when you saw the ankles, until Pablo put on a censor cloth.

How did you meet and become friends? We met at Complutense University while studying advertising and one day while drinking together we said to each other: “Let’s work together”. The following year we started doing the radio show Absinthe and Cigar on Radio Complutense. The thing was appreciated and the pupils came to see it, including Isabelle Diaz Ayuso! The following year, we were already working with Paul Motorcycles in comedy club. Everything was very fast!

How the idea of The anthill? After the club, Pablo was offered to replace gomaespuma in M80 and we start we are nobody, which lasted five years. In the fourth, the Cuatro chain was born, and Daniel Gavelathe director of Ser, proposed to Pablo a program, which we call The anthill. The first year, we didn’t dare leave the radio. We were doing very well and on TV 80% of the programs that start fail. So we worked twice as hard (which was already a lot) for months. But the effort paid off. the anthill It became the most watched program on television.

How do they rehearse? How do dialogues arise? We are screenwriters and we write our columns. Then at seven o’clock in the evening, there is a general rehearsal and we test with Pablo the sections that we have already rehearsed once or twice so that there are no errors. Later, live, we improvise thoroughly because we know that the base is solid.

Who was the funniest guest at the anthill? Michael Buble we were surprised how funny it is. Can be humorous.

Have you had any issues with guests? The singer Babe He bothered us quite a bit. On the day of the show, he didn’t show up and caused us a lot of trouble. but our friends Flo, Anne-Simon there Dani Martinez They came as guests and saved the day.

Who was the funniest politician and who was the most uptight? Martinez Almeida It was awesome, really. He has a great sense of humor and won us all over. Pedro Sanchez he played basketball very well, but the truth is that he didn’t answer any questions. We want more.

Have your jokes been censored on TV? A posteriori cannot be censored. What is happening is that there is self-censorship within the program. If we see that something will offend, we notify and remove the joke.

What do you think is politically correct? Culture wake up political correctness is exhausting. It looks like they are waiting for you to mount a chicken, but in the end we got used to it and I would say that now we work with more precision. He has more merit in entertaining without making hurtful jokes.

What would they never joke about? We would never joke with Anna Quintana Not on hunters. Never.

How about Spanish versus American humor? Americans have all kinds of humor because they are a whole continent, but they will never have Gila.

What other projects have you done together? We have done many things. We had a band called El Linterna. We covered cartoon songs, recorded an album, and had a great time for 12 years. But we have aged. Now we have an audiovisual production company called Three Hollow Skulls with Jorge Marron doing science in El Hormiguero. We also had a vape store, but we closed it now and now we have a vape store. caganers [figuras de belén de un hombre defecando]. And Damián has written three books. Two books for learning English called This book is milk and one for learning mythology called Oh my God. And there are many more things. We are still in trouble.

They also had a live show titled The humor that banished us from TV. Why did they stop doing it? We left because we’ve been with the same show for five years. Well, we were changing it, we were transforming it and we were changing things, but we decided to stop it to write a new one. We should have it by next January.

Do you already have a name? Well, maybe we’ve changed, but today our idea is to call it denarii. Let us deny all reality.

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