Johnny Depp has sold his works of art for more than 3.5 million euros

Johnny Depp sold his works through the British gallery Castle Fine Art
Johnny Depp sold his works through the British gallery Castle Fine Art

Johnny Depp has obtained more than 3 million pounds (3.5 million euros) during the first sale of his artistic creations, through the intermediary of the British gallery Castle Fine Artaccording to British media.

The interpreter of films like Pirates of the Caribbean, 59, announced this Thursday the sale of his limited edition signed lithographs via his Instagram account, which caused frantic activity on the portal of the gallery, which came to hang .

The 780 pieces offered online, within his first “Friends and Heroes” collection, represent four people who, as he himself explained, inspired him: Rolling Stone Keith Richards; actor Al Pacino; folk legend Bob Dylan and actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The individual framed works were sold for 3,950 (4,700 euros) and the complete set of four images for 14,950 (17,850 euros).

“I have always used art to express my feelings and reflect on the people who mean the most to my family, my friends and the people I admire,” the actor told the site, who admits to having kept his art to himself until now.

In a statement, the gallery describes her work as “located at the intersection between pop and street art”and highlighted her free and flowing features.

After the lawsuit with his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp could play again
After the lawsuit with his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp could return to play in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

“Based on photographic references, each image has been reduced to a simpler and more iconic representation of the subjectwhich Johnny then developed and energized with his signature freehand features,” the gallery described.

Castle Fine Art, which has previously sold works by Dylan himself and Ronnie Wood, among others, said it had been in talks to show Depp’s work for some time and hoped to do so again at the coming.

After winning the libel suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, The actor is set to return to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and is in talks with Disney over a “$300 million deal.”

Depp, 59, has starred in five franchise films over the past 15 years and did what was believed to be his last job as Jack Sparrow in ‘Black Pearl in Dead Men Tell No Tales,’ released in 2017.

A source told the site Poptopic that the actor has been in talks with Disney since the end of his media lawsuit with Heard, who must pay him $10.35 million.

Disney pulled it from the sixth and final installment due to Heard’s domestic violence complaint.

Amber Heard has appealed a Fairfax Courts jury's decision to find her guilty of defamation
Amber Heard has appealed a Fairfax Courts jury’s decision to find her guilty of defamation

The actress filed an appeal last Thursday against a jury in a Fairfax, Virginia court that found her guilty of defamationalmost two months ago.

“We believe the court made errors that prevented a fair and consistent First Amendment verdict,” the actress’ public relations team said in a statement.

The text, in which no further details are provided on Heard’s defense case, concludes that “although Twitter’s bonfires will be lit today”, they have decided to appeal the decision to “ensure both fairness and justice”.

Heard’s lawyers have previously announced they will appeal the verdict if the jury considers the op-ed piece the actress signed in 2018 in the newspaper The Washington Postwhere he was described as a “public figure representing domestic violence”, was found to constitute a crime of defamation.

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