Here’s how Samsung Knox protects your privacy

Phone privacy is a concern that haunts every mobile user. I mean, practically anyone. Samsung Knox is a management and security framework pre-installed on most Samsung mobile devices. It is a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices with a consolidated set of commercial solutions that leverage this platform, Secured by Knox.

Knox Security Platform

The Knox platform is anchored in the chipset of the device itself during the manufacturing phase. Knox protects businesses and consumers who use Samsung phones, tablets and wearables.

The Knox portfolio of cloud solutions pEnables businesses to configure, customize, deploy and manage their devices to meet diverse and specific needs. Knox protects your device from the inside out, so sensitive data stays safe wherever you go.

Secured by Knox

The Knox security platform is built into Samsung devices and theinsures you from the moment you take it out of the box and turn it on.

These devices are secured by Knox, they have multi-layered security features for hardware and software that are always on. The Knox platform contains overlapping security and defense mechanisms that protect your data against intrusions, malware, and malicious threats. Across all layers of Samsung Galaxy devices, Knox ensures that confidential and sensitive data stays secure no matter where your life takes you. Your whole device: protected inside and out, and in real time.

That’s to say, Galaxy devices have real-time protection and respond quickly to malwareavoiding any software modification.

Additionally, the Knox Security Platform is the foundation for various solutions and services, such as Samsung Personal Apps and Knox Business Solutions. Among them is, secure folder, with which you can create a private and encrypted space on your Galaxy device to store your private data and apps. It also has the service of Location, making it easy to control which apps have access to your location and when. The Advertising exclusion allows you to choose which applications can display ads with the Privacy Indicator you can instantly know if an app is trying to access the microphone, camera or location.

The world has changed and new working methods mean new risks. Samsung’s privacy technologies give users the protection and control they need.

Knox Safe

Knox Vault is like a vault within a vault. which physically isolates PINs, passwords and other private information so that hackers cannot access them.

In short, why choose Knox? Among other things, because it has more than a billion Samsung devices protected, more than 70 million devices managed per day and more than 20,000 companies use our services worldwide.

Their commitment is to ensure that the Knox security platform and accompanying suite of Knox solutions perform optimally today and in the future. The aim is to meet the growing needs of its customers in the future.

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