GTA VI will have a female protagonist and will be set in Miami, according to Bloomberg

Big changes are coming to Rockstar Games and its most popular game, Grand Theft Auto. as reported Bloombergthe new installment of this very popular series of action games, Grand Thef Auto VIIt will feature a woman for the first time. More precisely, with a Latin woman, who will be part of a duo of characters in the style of the famous bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

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Image from Grand Theft Auto Online video game

Another detail that journalist Jason Schreier revealed is that the game will take place in Miami, or at least in a fictional recreation of this city, as we could already see in GTA Vice City. Moreover, he also revealed that this long-awaited title will be more respectful of marginalized groups unlike previous installments. In fact, recently Rockstar Games already pointed in this direction by remove transphobic content from the latest version of GTA V.

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Image taken from the video game “Grand Theft Auto V”

GTA VI It will probably feel very different from its predecessor,” says Schreier, who claims to have spoken with more than 20 people involved in the game’s development, who remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak publicly about their work.

According to this well-known journalist -recently revealed the existence of remake of The last of us–, these changes in the game are due to changes in the internal culture of Rockstar Games. This development studio, owned by the American video game giant Take-Two, caused controversy in 2018, when certain controversial statements by its former creative director of the studio, Dan Houserrevealed the harsh working conditions to which many of their workers were subjected in the development of the video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Image from the remastered version of GTA Vice City

Image of the remastered version of “GTA Vice City”

Although Houser nuanced his statements, following them, a multitude of employees described to different media a corporate culture that relied excessively on overtime and long working hours, with the aim of games reaching the level of excellence for which the studio is known and come out on sale as soon as possible. Since then, Schreier explains, the studio has driven changes in the way work is organized.


Albert Garcia


One of the consequences of applying these changes could be reflected in the magnitude of the Grand Theft Auto VI. According to the journalist, the game, known internally under the code name of Americas Projectwas originally planned as “the largest slice yet”, with mapping spanning various regions of North and South America.

However, in order to guarantee a better quality of life for the workers, the scale of the game could have been reduced to a city, the aforementioned recreation of Miami and its surroundings, which could then be expanded with more territories in the form of additional content. . . after launch.

Image from the video game Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Image from the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition’

When will it be on sale Grand Theft Auto VI? That’s the million dollar question. According video game industry analyststhe new delivery will hit stores in Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year, that is, between April 2023 and March 2014. However, testimonials from study workers collected by Bloomberg are not so optimists, since the development of the game, which would have started in 2014, has been affected by both this organizational restructuring and the pandemic.

Beyond the date, equally or even more important is the question that Jason Schreier asks himself: will this new Rockstar Games, more reasonable with the working conditions of its workers, be able to maintain its leadership? This is a key issue in an industry that has recently been punctuated by several (and notorious) case studies with work-life balance issues for its workers, for example, those documented in Naughty Dog (The Last of Us Part II) about CD Projekt RED (Cyberpunk 2077).

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